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At Promises, our staff members are highly qualified and educated in the field of addiction, allowing them to provide the best care and support for clients. Many of our staff members are in recovery themselves, which delivers hope and inspiration to clients.

Here you can read interviews with Promises staff members, learning about their backgrounds, philosophies of treatment, and personal stories.

Patricia Meyers

Patricia Meyers, Director of Admissions at Promises, uses her own experience of recovery to guide the treatment plan for each client, ensuring they have the right specialists on board when they arrive for treatment.

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Chances the Dog

People aren’t the only ones who get second chances. A survivor in her own right, Chances the Dog can often be seen around Promises, offering affection and support to those most in need.

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Richard Rogg

Promises founder, Richard Rogg, describes how it all began – with a vision for providing the best treatment and environment for people recovering from alcoholism and other addictions.

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Susanne Tarleton

Susanne Tarleton, Director of Outpatient Services, has spent over a decade specializing in dual diagnosis and bringing innovative therapies to the clients at Promises.

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Kimberly Mitchell

Making sure clients get exactly what they need in a warm, welcoming environment – that’s the goal of Kimberly Mitchell, Residential Manager of Promises West L.A.

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Sheila Balkan

Sheila Balkan, a criminologist and court consultant with 30 years of experience, helps clients address legal issues and matches them with the right volunteer opportunities for their interests.

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Chris Weber

Chris Weber draws on his personal experience in recovery in his work as an outpatient counselor at Promises, helping clients develop the skills that have proven effective in supporting lifelong sobriety.

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Patricia Womack

After addiction took her to ‘hell and back,’ Patricia Womack, Residential Counselor at Promises West L.A., found something that she truly loves: helping others realize there is life after drugs.

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Chester Williams

When clients first come to Promises, Chester Williams sets them at ease with a blend of empathy, respect and lighthearted humor.

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Margot Chambers

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a personal and professional passion for Margot Chambers, who utilizes acupuncture and other techniques to treat pain, insomnia, anxiety and a host of other complaints common in early recovery.

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Jonathan Appelhans

Knowing just how alone and overwhelmed people in early recovery can feel, Life Coach Jonathan Appelhans helps clients develop the skills to make a smooth transition from residential drug rehab into a new life outside of treatment.

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Michele Jackson

When clients come to Promises and meet Michele Jackson, they find a partner in recovery for life. As Promises’ Director of Alumni Services, Michele works with clients after they leave Promises and coordinates alumni meetings, events and reunions.

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Beverly Jerricks

Promises West L.A.’s chef, Beverly Jerricks, creates tasty dishes that also meet the nutritional needs of each client.

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Alexander Bacher

Alexander Bacher went from Wall Street investment banker to therapist and hasn’t looked back since. Open-minded and determined, Dr. Bacher believes if you work hard enough and want it badly enough, you can do anything.

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Bettina Ottenstein

Bettina Ottenstein focuses on rebuilding relationships. As one of two full-time family therapists, Bettina works closely with clients and their families and also has specialized training to treat substance abuse and trauma.

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Korina Jochim

Korina Jochim wears many hats at Promises Malibu and Malibu Vista. Tough but caring, Korina believes successful treatment is all about connection.

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Jeremy Stalbird

Jeremy had a trouble youth and decided after being in recovery for 4 years to help those with drug and alcohol addictions as Residential Manager of Promises Young Adult Program.

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