Choosing a Drug Rehab

You recognize that you or a loved one has a drug addiction. Now you are searching for a drug rehab. You probably feel overwhelmed as you sort through all the information available on the Internet. Maybe this is the first time you have ever researched drug rehab treatment or maybe this time you want to find the treatment center that will truly help you or your loved one.

There are many considerations when choosing a drug rehab, but here at Promises we have found that the most important concerns that people voice are:

  1. Privacy
  2. Access to individual therapy
  3. Comfort during detox
  4. Ability to continue to take anti-depressants or other medications
  5. Location and environment
  6. Freedom
  7. Cost
  8. After care

Let’s address each of these points to give you an idea of how they relate to Promises’ drug rehab program.


Privacy is often one of the greatest concerns people have when considering drug rehab. They want to be assured that their information will remain confidential. They want to feel safe and protected. One of the reasons Promises tends to attract high-profile people is because we value privacy as much as they do. We understand this need for privacy and keep our locations as secure and private as possible.

Promises is bound by the rules of Health Information Privacy and Portability Act, better known as HIPPA. Each person who works at Promises, no matter what job or position, signs a confidentiality agreement and is trained in the importance of keeping our clients safe and protected. We can assure you that privacy is coveted at Promises Treatment Centers.

Access to Individual Therapy

When you arrive at Promises we create a treatment team that focuses on you. One of the big differences between Promises and other drug rehabs is our size. With a maximum of 18 clients in primary treatment, there is no chance that you will not get superlative individual attention. Your treatment team includes an Internist, psychiatrist, and primary therapist. If you have specific underlying conditions that need to be addressed, we bring in specialists at our cost to help you. For example, if you also have a gambling or Internet addiction, we have specialists on hand. Please address your concerns about any specific therapeutic needs you might have with the intake specialist and she or he can tell you more about the resources we have to treat special issues.

Comfort during Detox

Detox is just the first step in recovery. The important work comes next. But if the detox is not comfortable, the person might not be willing to stay in the drug rehab and move to the next step. At Promises, a physician will assess your drug use and determine the best course of treatment during detox to make it as comfortable as possible. In some cases, you may be given medications to help alleviate the symptoms of detoxification from drugs. Because everyone is different, detox differs for each client. This is why our comprehensive assessment is so critical to the process.

Promises is determined to help you become drug-free, so the detox is designed to slowly wean you off any medications given. We do not want to send you home taking yet another drug. Beware of drug rehab programs that tell you that you will be taking these detox drugs when you return home. This is not a full detox and does not give you the best chance for success.

Ability to Continue to Take Anti-Depressants or Other Medications

Promises does a thorough physical, psychological, and psychiatric assessment of each client. Some people have underlying diagnoses that require medical treatment. Clinical depression is a good example of this. If you have a true diagnosis of clinical depression, you will be treated for that depression.

The importance of choosing a quality drug rehab that does a thorough assessment cannot be understated. There are some people who became depressed after years of drinking or drug abuse. Our experts address this possibility. Think of it as a chicken/egg question. While we have no problem with treating an underlying psychiatric condition, we do have a problem with drug rehabs that simply assume the diagnosis was correct. Many revelations occur during treatment, and Promises strives to reveal the true causes and issues so that you are not fighting new battles when you return home.

Location & Environment

Many people inquiring about drug rehab treatment focus on treatment close to home. This may be a good choice for those who need to have the ability to see their children during family weekends. However, close to home is not always the best choice for treatment. This is particularly true for clients who might have doubts about staying in treatment. If you are concerned your loved one will leave the treatment center against medical advice, a program that is close to home makes this much easier as it doesn’t require much planning. If the addicted person has to make a plane reservation and figure out the logistics of returning home, there might be time to deal with the issue and help them see that continued treatment is imperative. Numerous studies have shown that the longer a person stays in primary treatment, the more successful they are upon returning home. It is common for a recovering person to panic during the early part of treatment – I wasn’t really that bad; I can do this on my own; I just have to be home to deal with all the chaos I created – and if they act on these feelings it can undermine their recovery.

Sometimes the environment itself is most important to the client. Some families complain that the drug rehab looks more like a spa. Their anger and frustration clouds their decision, because they believe the addicted person needs punishment. Nothing could be further from the truth. The addict has experienced significant pain due to their addiction. The environment they being recovery is important – treatment is not punishment.

So is the pleasant environment such as that at the Malibu location of Promises therapeutically beneficial? Absolutely. Addiction psychiatrist Dr. David Sack, the CEO of Promises, says it best: the biggest obstacle addicts face is their willingness to stay in treatment. If the environment is pleasant, serene, and healing they are significantly more likely to stay in treatment for a therapeutically recommended period of time.


The most common questions we get when people inquire about treatment at Promises are:

Can I bring my laptop and cell phone?

I love the outdoors – will I be able to exercise and enjoy myself while there?

Can I stay connected to my family?

The answer to all three is an emphatic yes.

We understand that many of our clients are busy, high-functioning people – addiction aside – and we know disconnecting from their lives for 30 days may be all but impossible.

However, this does not mean you can carry your cell phone into therapy and take calls. It just means you will have plenty of time to check your e-mail, connect with family members, and get the physical activity you need to thrive. A long walk on the beach is a favorite activity among our clients. We also offer tennis courts, daily trips to the gym, access to personal trainers, yoga, and related activities. We do off-site trips to help clients discover true joy in sobriety. We also offer family weekends and encourage family members to come and visit.


Coming to a top drug rehab like Promises does require a significant financial commitment. However, our pricing is highly competitive with other similar treatment centers. We also offer courtesy billing- we will help you find out in advance if your insurance company will reimburse you for a portion of your treatment and will generate the paperwork needed to get that reimbursement. Please speak with an intake specialist to learn more about this.

When considering cost, also consider the cost of not getting treatment. Consider the following:

How much have you spent on alcohol and/or drugs?

How much will you spend if you keep using them?

Has drug or alcohol use impacted your earning power?

What else have you lost due to your addiction?

If you are unable to afford a drug rehab such as Promises, our intake specialists have a list of other drug rehab programs throughout the country that may be a better option for you based on your location, insurance coverage, and budget. We encourage you to take advantage of their expertise because they will only recommend programs they know have strong treatment programs. This is an unusual practice – very few drug rehabs would take the time to actually recommend another treatment program – but we believe our primary goal is to help people and do not want anyone to be left without an option for treatment.

After Care

Promises believes addiction is a disease that requires maintenance treatment. This is the opinion of the vast majority of the scientific community. Anyone who tells you there is a cure for addiction is not being honest. High blood pressure and diabetes require permanent lifestyle changes; addiction does as well.

So what do those lifestyle changes entail? Promises will often recommend a primary therapist in your hometown. Because we have been treating addiction for more than two decades, we also have an extensive alumni network, which means you may be able to connect with people on the same road as you are when you return home. Do you know how we are sure Promises offers effective treatment? Because our alumni are our strongest advocates – every week people call us who are seeking treatment at Promises because someone who came here a year, or even a decade ago, recommends us. Our alumni are very active – especially in the Los Angeles area – they even have regular weekly meetings where they get together to support each other.

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