Whether you’re traveling from another state or driving a few miles from home, receiving treatment at a Promises rehab center is beneficial for the body and mind.

All of our locations provide relaxing, home-like atmospheres where clients can focus on recovery in comfort. Warm weather and sunny days help lift clients’ spirits and encourage them to actively enjoy the outdoors through tennis, nature hikes, swimming, playing golf, and more.

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If you prefer to be entwined with nature and removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, you might choose to stay at our Malibu location, which offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains.

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West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles

If you prefer a more varied location—close to the beach, shopping, movie theaters, and other daily activities—you might choose the intimate, comforting Craftsman home and surrounding cottages in West Los Angeles.

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Promises Austin is a private retreat in a calming, restorative environment in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, just outside Austin. As you drive up to our iron and limestone gates, you will experience a sense of calm and serenity that sets the tone for your recovery journey. In any season, you will be greeted by the nature that surrounds our nine-acre estate – fields of blossoming Blue Bonnets, sprawling green hills, and rivers and creeks that meander through the Texas Hill Country.

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