Drug & Alcohol Detox

Promises Treatment Centers work with licensed, independent affiliates who closely supervise and monitor clients withdrawing from drugs or alcohol to ensure their comfort and safety during detoxification. Occasionally, clients may need additional medical support at a hospital—if this occurs, Promises will help make the necessary arrangements to ensure a seamless transition to a nearby medical center.

One of the difficulties in selecting the right detox program is sorting through all the information and detoxification methods, such as “rapid opiate detox,” “slow and methodical detox,” “medically assisted detox,” and others, which are often touted as “the best technique” for withdrawing from alcohol and drugs (detoxification).

At Promises, we make finding the right alcohol and/or drug detox process easier. Rather than leaving you to chose on your own, we offer a panel of highly qualified medical specialists for you to work with, such as Jack Kuo, MD, Clinical Instructor at UCLA, and Robert Saltzman, MD, Internal Medicine and addiction specialist, affiliated with St. John’s Hospital, Brotman Medical Center, and Daniel Freeman Marina Mercy. When you choose to work with one of our panel providers, they will help you understand the detoxification process so that you can be confident about the treatment choices.

The detox specialists working with Promises clients monitor the process, ensuring that clients receive the care they need to pass comfortably through this stage of treatment. They will not try to put you in a “one-size-fits-all” program, or recommend a course of action simply because it is “new” or “cutting-edge,” but will instead evaluate your situation, providing recommendations based on their years of experience.

Although detoxification is usually a short process, it is not one to be taken lightly, because it is one of the toughest stages of the journey to sobriety and lays the foundation for completing a full alcohol or drug rehab program. During the detoxification process at Promises Treatment Centers, clients are not only adjusting their bodies’ internal balances, breaking the habits of substance use, and beginning to regain health, but they are also being counseled and prepared for the addiction treatment program.

At Promises Treatment Centers, the detox process allows our clients’ nervous systems to readjust, and to restore the internal balances to a more normal state. The right supervision can help eliminate uncomfortable, harmful, or even fatal side-effects often associated with substance withdrawals. The goal of the detoxification process at Promises is to provide a safe, comfortable withdrawal from drugs and/or alcohol and set clients up for success in completing the alcoholism or drug treatment process.

The alcohol and drug detox program facilitated by Promises Treatment Centers has three objectives:

  • Provide a safe, supervised period of time as clients withdraw from alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Provide comforting assistance to individuals undergoing detox.
  • Prepare the addict or alcoholic for the Promises Treatment Program.

There are many risks associated with withdrawal, which vary depending upon the substance(s) being withdrawn from, so all independent detoxification specialists affiliated with Promises Treatment Centers are specialists who offer high-quality, professional, caring, and supportive services.

Sobriety begins before the treatment program does. It is a fact in the clinical world: Individuals who participate in a detox program, like the one offered by Promises Treatment Centers, receive a benefit from the brief period between the beginning of sobriety and the beginning of treatment. Our providers use alcohol and drug detox as a time to educate individuals and teach them how to develop acceptable relationships with the clinical staff. When these participants arrive for treatment, they have a head start.

We understand that beginning a life of sobriety is very difficult. Fear of withdrawal symptoms is a concern of many, but with the various detox programs available at our disposal, those fears can be put to rest. Our affiliates provide safe, supervised detoxification prior to treatment.

*Please Note: Drug and alcohol detox (withdrawals) can be life-threatening and should only be conducted by well-qualified, licensed professionals. Alcohol has some of the most dangerous substance withdrawals, and sudden unsupervised cessation can result in delirium tremens (DTs), or even death. Unsupervised withdrawal from barbiturates may also cause death, and opiate withdrawal (although generally not life-threatening) can be so uncomfortable that otherwise committed individuals may abandon hopes of sobriety altogether. Please seek professional help for withdrawals from all substances.

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