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About Promises P.A.T.H Programs

About Us

Promises Behavioral Health created the P.A.T.H. programs to expand our services in order to better serve those in need of accessible mental health or substance abuse treatment. By developing Centers of Excellence in urban communities, we work to remove treatment barriers no matter where someone exists. Whether in person or virtual, we provide the highest quality of outpatient treatment services.

We are dedicated to removing barriers to treatment and creating opportunities for connection.

Our Centers of Excellence provide the following services for Mental Health and Addiction:

  1. Walk-in Diagnostic Assessments
  2. Virtual or in-person Intensive Outpatient Program
  3. Partial Hospitalization Program
  4. Rooted Alumni Program
About Promises P.A.T.H Programs
About Us


We exist to provide hope, transformation and connection for life!


We provide attainable, affordable and accessible mental health and substance use treatment with evidence-based clinical integrity.


We will be the trusted Center of Excellence for mental health and substance use disorders in our communities.  By example, we will inspire our communities to accept and empower individuals through healing.  Through healing individuals, communities will heal.


We Promise to be…

COMPASSIONATE – Our patients and families are our FIRST priority. We will be supportive and caring as we guide them through their recovery journey.

HONEST – We will keep our promises.

ETHICAL – We will be transparent and accountable for our actions.

INNOVATIVE – We will be courageous and creative in designing new ways to serve patients, communities, referrals, and staff.

AUTHENTIC – Our actions will reflect our genuine passion to serve others.

RESPONSIBLE – We will create valuable results in outcomes for our patients and stakeholders.

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