About Promises Treatment Centers

about promises treatment centersPromises has been a mental health and drug rehabilitation center of choice for over 30 years.

Promises treatment centers are Joint Commission accredited and specialize in treating a wide variety of addictions. These include alcoholism, cocaine addiction, prescription drug abuse and marijuana abuse, and mental health disorders.

We are proud that in surveying our Promises clients, more than 98% say they would recommend us to a friend or family member. We believe this is the greatest testament to the compassionate care we offer at Promises recovery centers.

drug rehab treatment can only truly treat an individual if it takes the time to properly assess the client for underlying co-occurring disorders such as depression, trauma (PTSD), grief or loss issues, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and sleep disorders. These are just a few of the underlying issues that can make a person vulnerable to relapse. By properly assessing and addressing these issues, our clients can understand their triggers and create a bridge to an extraordinary life.

Promises Treatment Centers uses evidence-based treatment modalities, including medically monitored detox, individual therapy, psycho-educational groups, stress management strategies, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), equine-assisted therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and somatic therapy. We also offer neurofeedback tool for addiction at some of our centers, which we have found to be one of the most effective tools in preventing relapse.

We continually ask for feedback from our clients to measure the effectiveness of our approach. We also continually set higher standards so that Promises will always lead the way in offering the most comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment programs in the country.

As the originators of the Malibu Model of addiction treatment, we have for over 30 years been the leader in creating a comfortable, compassionate and effective treatment experience for our clients.

When you are researching addiction recovery centers or mental health programs, know that Promises Treatment Centers sets the standard in this field. Other rehab centers may copy our treatment program. Few can compare when it comes to the level of personalized, focused and effective clinical care. From our strong foundation in proven, practical methods of treatment to our unmatched holistic and alternative treatments, Promises mental health and drug rehab centers create the ultimate safe haven for you or your loved one who has decided to take this important step: choosing to create an extraordinary life.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a gateway to sobriety and to aid in the achievement of lifetime dreams. Promises is a national leader in the treatment of chemical dependency.


Promises is dedicated to providing the highest quality individualized treatment for chemical dependency in a caring and compassionate environment. Confidentiality is maintained with utmost respect. We treat each patient with dignity and strive to replace hopelessness, fear and despair with optimism, hope and a new vision of life. We offer a gateway to sobriety filled with new insights and living skills.

Our staff of professionals is committed to excellence while providing you with a warm, understanding environment in which your goals can be realized.


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We are dedicated to lifetime recovery, one day at a time.

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We believe in providing the highest quality, individualized care.

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We base our treatment on the proven 12-step philosophy.

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We maintain a high staff-to-client ratio to assure the well-being of those we serve.

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We are a family company built on integrity, professionalism and compassion.

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We will strive to continue to build our loyal and dedicated following by exceeding our clients’ and their families’ expectations.

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We are committed to the continuous improvement of care and facilities.

Why Choose Promises?

At Promises, your recovery is our number one priority. For over 30 years we’ve provided sophisticated, evidence-based treatment to clients and their loved ones who’ve been impacted by addiction and mental health issues. Our mission is to provide you a gateway to recovery and help you achieve your lifelong goals.

Here are a few of the reasons we’re a treatment center of choice:

We Respect Your Individuality

We don’t squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all treatment plan. Our clinicians provide thorough biopsychosocial assessments for addiction to make sure we properly diagnose and address all of your treatment issues. We work to understand your preferences, beliefs and life experiences so that we can tailor your treatment plan to your needs within the context of your life.

We Treat the Full Spectrum of Mental Health Issues

Our treatment centers offer clinically sophisticated treatment for a wide range of mental health issues that prevent people from living their best life. From drug and alcohol abuse to trauma, depression, anxiety and personality disorders, we have a program that can help.

Our Treatment Changes Lives, and Research Proves It

A long-term outcome study shows that clients who received treatment at Promises enjoy a dramatic increase in days free of drug or alcohol use, less cravings, and improved mood and quality of life.

Our Clients Recommend Us

We are proud that in surveying our Promises clients, more than 98% say they would recommend us to a friend or family member. We believe this is the greatest testament to the compassionate care we offer at Promises.

Your Loved Ones Heal Too

Addictions and mental health issues can be devastating for the whole family. That’s why we involve family in treatment through regular updates, family therapy and connections to resources that can help them learn how to best support you in recovery while also finding healing for themselves.

You’ll Receive Evidence-Based Treatment

We offer you a complete array of tools to give you a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Our time-tested, evidence-based therapies combined with alternative approaches ensure highly effective, well-rounded treatment programs.

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We Focus on Long-Term Recovery

We don’t just help you eliminate destructive behaviors, we equip you with practical skills that can help you stand strong in recovery long after treatment. You’ll have opportunities to put recovery skills into practice in real-world situations while building a toolbox of healthy coping mechanisms and relapse prevention strategies.

Our Treatment Centers Are Nationally Accredited

You can feel confident knowing that you or your loved one is receiving an exceptionally high standard of care as demonstrated by our Joint Commission accreditation.

We Have a 30-Year History of Excellence

We’ve been setting the gold standard in care since our first Promises treatment center opened over 30 years ago. Our model takes treatment out of a hospital-like setting and provides a welcoming, home-like environment. Here, underlying issues that contribute to destructive behaviors are addressed and care is tailored to your particular needs.

You’re Part of the Promises Family for Life

Our connection with you doesn’t end when you walk out our doors. Your recovery is a lifelong healing process that we support through ongoing alumni programs, aftercare and family involvement. We’re here to optimize your recovery not just for today, but for a lifetime.

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