David Sack, MD

As a leader in the addiction treatment field, CEO Dr. David Sack is often sought after by the media when there are questions about addiction and treatment. Here are just some of the places Dr. Sack has been quoted or has appeared:


Huffington Post

Dr. Sack writes a regular blog for The Huffington Post. Popular titles include “How to Talk to a Child About a Parent’s Addiction” and “When Relapse Turns Deadly: What You Need to Know About Drug Overdose.”

Psychology Today

Dr. Sack writes a regular blog about the science of addiction in “Where Science Meets the Steps.” Popular titles include “Why the Hostility Toward the 12 Steps?” and “Why Relapse Isn’t a Sign of Failure

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Psych Central

Dr. Sack writes a regular blog about the ins and outs of Addiction Recovery. Popular titles include “My Own Worst Enemy: Hidden Signs Of Self-Sabotage In Recovery” and “7 Behaviors You Can Change Now to Avoid Developing an Addiction”

News Articles

CBS News.com, February 2013

“With drug overdose deaths on rise, experts push to recognize signs of addiction”

The article includes various quotes from Dr. Sack including the highlights of Promises’ treatment modalities, the prevalence of opioid drugs especially in younger aged kids and signs of coworkers and/or loved ones who might be an addict.

New York Times, May 2010

“Offering Help to a Troubled Colleague”

Dr. Sack discusses ways to help a coworker who is struggling with a mental health issue or addiction.

U.S. News & World Report, January 2013

A Prepaid Card for Recovering Addicts

Dr. Sack talks about a new prepaid credit card aimed at helping recovering addicts manage a budget in early recovery.

Los Angeles Times, July 2012

Is Medical Marijuana Good Medicine?

An editorial by Dr. Sack questioning the validity of marijuana as medicine.

NY Daily News, July 2012

‘I know my husband is secretly drinking, but he denies it. What can I do?’

Dr. Sack answers a wife’s concerns about her husband’s abusive drinking

Forbes, July 2012

10 Warning Signs You Are a Compulsive Networker

Dr. Sack is quoted in an article discussing people who become obsessed with networking.

SHAPE Magazine, September 2013

“Harmless” Addictions?

Dr. Sack explains how activities such as shopping, tanning and exercise have the potential to become as destructive as drugs and alcohol.

Parenting, May 2013

Amanda Berry and the Ohio Abductions: What Lies Ahead

Following the escape of Amanda Berry and three other women after 10 years in captivity, Dr. Sack was sought out to explain the effects of trauma.

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Marie Claire, December 2012

The Holiday Drinks Guide

In an article featured on the front page, Dr. Sack talks about identifying trouble spots

Teen Vogue, August 2013

Stoned Age: The Real Risks of Getting High

Dr. Sack describes some of the risks of chronic marijuana use, including panic attacks and psychosis.

Allure Magazine, 2013

Women and Wine: How Many Drinks Are OK?

Dr. Sack discusses cultural messages that tell women it’s acceptable to drink excessively.

Bisous Magazine, June 2013

Bronze It

In the piece, Dr. Sack shares his insights about how tanning can be a dangerous and deadly addiction.

CBSNews.com, July 2013

CDC: Women’s painkiller overdose deaths up 400 percent over last decade

Dr. Sack describes the high risk of overdose when people mix drugs.

Chicago Tribune, November 2012

Coping with too Much Holiday Cheer

Dr. Sack shares tips with reporter Jen Weigel on how to avoid too much alcohol over the holidays.

ABC News, February 2010

Is Tough Love the Right Approach for Drug Addicts?

Sometimes tough love is needed to help addicts experience the consequences of their behaviors, Dr. Sack tells ABC News.

Details Magazine, February 2013

Six Surprising Triggers

Triggers for panic attacks include alcohol, fluorescent lighting and certain food additives, among others, Dr. Sack tells Details magazine.


Media Appearances

CNN, July 2013

As guest host of “Piers Morgan Live,” actor and recovering addict Matthew Perry talked to Dr. Sack about his personal struggles with alcohol and drugs.

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Fox News, July 2013

Bill O’Reilly poses the questions: Do we have a more lax attitude toward drugs and does the media glamorize drug use? Dr. David Sack answers the question on The O’Reilly Factor after news of Cory Monteith’s drug overdose. Watch the segment here.

Wall Street Journal, September 2012

The Daily Wrap from The Wall Street Journal with Michael Castner – Dr. Sack talks about teen prescription drug abuse in this podcast. Listen to the podcast

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PBS, January 2009

American Health Journal

Dr. Sack describes addiction treatment at Promises.