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Promises Rehab Centers Reviews and Testimonials

We strive to be among the best drug rehab centers by providing world-class treatment programs to our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when clients tell us about the positive changes that have happened in their lives as a result of their treatment at Promises. We hope these reviews and letters can serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others needing relief from drug addiction, alcohol abuse and mental health disorders. Promises truly is a place where hope and healing begins.

“What 5 Years Feels Like” – Alumni Blog Post

On March 27, 2012 I celebrated 5 years of recovery. I was addicted to drugs, I was addicted to alcohol and couldn’t stand to take another drink but couldn’t live without it. I showed up at Sundance’s door step alone. Everything was gone, I had no job, my house was in foreclosure, the power was turned off and my family was gone. Everything that I worked so hard for in my life had disappeared. What happened to me? Why me?

I walked in full of fear and anger but with a beautiful gift. The gift of desperation. For me, to drink is to die. I know that today. I stayed in treatment for 45 days, continued one-on-one counseling and worked the 12 steps. I found a fellowship of addicts and alcoholics that I could relate to. I found freedom in the 12 steps and I slowly started to recover. I had to look at my past, my wreckage and see my part in it. Then my counselor and my sponsor helped guide me in the amends process. What a freedom I have today. The beautiful thing is that life has not been easy the last 5 years but I don’t have to drink over it. Every morning I wake up sober I have a clean slate – to write the next 24 hours – whatever that may be – I can write good or I can write bad – I have that choice today.

And today I have a life that I never could have imagined. I got married in sobriety, I have rebuilt my relationships with my family and I get to sponsor other women new to recovery. I have been blessed to be able to open sober living homes in Scottsdale. I help the newcomer every day. That has kept me sober! Today I have an obligation to give away what was freely given to me – the gift of sobriety. If you are struggling in sobriety – get out of yourself and help someone. I promise you will feel better.

As I reflect over the last 5 years and how desperate I was when my journey started – I kept thinking, Why me? And today I think, Well, why not?

Michelle S. > Michelle’s Sober Living

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Kevin the chef is AMAZING – his passion for food and friendliness are always a welcome respite to our day. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

The therapists were above and beyond my expectations. I am very appreciative. I will walk out of here with a much better understanding of myself and tools to use in the future to prevent relapsing. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

My primary counselor (Cherry) and secondary (Cecilia) are extraordinary, both professionally and personally. They did a terrific job at probing the underlying issues, skills to address my particular challenges, etc. These are all terrific and very caring folks. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

I came away with a life-changing experience. The counselors were amazing and went above and beyond for me and my family. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

I am feeling like myself again. Because the staff was kind and supportive, The Therapists were direct and help me dig deep into my issues and addiction. The food was spa quality and the range of programing was great. I love the use of Equine therapy. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

I found the whole experience amazing. I was extremely impressed with the counselors. Every group therapy counselor and private counselor was extremely caring and helped me throughout my treatment. I have been to other iop programs and I found them to not even compare. athough they follow the same principles, they were more or less going through the motions. The counselors here are insightful and patient. I cna tellthey worked as a team to bring to the table individual needs as well as needs of the group. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Promises Scottsdale went above and beyond my expectations as a treatment center. My needs and goals were met and I was encourage to dive deeper into my underlying issues. I was provided with a safe environment which to me was very important. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

The best part of my experience here was that I felt respected and heard here. I received the healing I needed to go on with my life. I am completely satisfied. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

This may be a serious program with a lot of serious stuff we are learning but sobriety is also about having fun clean and i feel we do that here alot too. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

Excellent Promises Scottsdale has been a blessing. 33 days Sober and never had a thought of leaving early. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

I had a very positive experience here at Promises Scottsdale and a lot of guidance with big doses of reality. The AA and NA meetings in and out of the house were very well run and the staff (CR’s) did a wonderful job. The food choices were very nice too. I have a positive outlook for the future and have plans to join the human race with a caring and empathetic heart.

I am leaving with many tools and a grateful attitude. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

The counselors are very personable and caring, including the medical staff and the meals are very nutricious…also love the warm sunshine of the desert, very healing. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

My whole experience was great. The atmosphere was great and it helped me focus on assignments that were given. The staff was courteous. The Therapists (Sherry, Dee and Mike) were all great and the CR’s made me feel wanted. Not another number. Dr. Ravi was awesome. – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

I feel like had wonderful experience and finally feel like have tools to live a sober life!!! This place is Wonderful!! – Promises Scottsdale Alumni

The therapy I received from Dr. Olga and all of the therapists was wonderful. The friends I made and the unique bonds created between us due to our very similar situations made me feel that I was not alone in my pain. I am leaving here standing strong like the oak trees surrounding the properties. Even when the wind is blowing ferociously the oak trees never falter. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

By far, the best part of treatment is the psychiatric care. The therapist and doctors are world class. I feel very confident about going back to my life and being able to implement changes. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

The staff was spectacular. I’m going home with tools and knowledge that I can pass on to my children. I feel protected, secure, and confident. I’m excited about my future and I don’t feel lonely or alone because I like being with myself. I am returning to my life as a completely changed woman and basically, this has saved my life. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

The best part of my experience here is the encouragement for self-love by the wonderful staff here at Malibu Vista. I have learned so much about myself and tools to address the issues/behaviors I struggle with. The nutritionists and chefs have provided beyond excellent meals that they are willing to teach us about. Every meal has been absolutely delicious. The techs are always willing to listen to me and checking in all the time. The therapists are really in tune to what I have been going through and remember details from prior discussions that make me feel like my issues are being taken cared of seriously with care. The community here has a wide range of personalities that I have learned something from each person here. This is the first time in my life where I felt completely cared for and understood in a safe environment. I can truly see that people really care about one another and the team work here is amazing. I will cherish the memories gained during my time here and plan to incorporate what I learned into my life once I leave. Thank you. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

My treatment was trans-formative. I am confident I am returning home with abundant changes already made and tools to handle my life outside of here. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

It was unique and different from other treatment programs. There was a variety of different techniques used whether it be a healthy diet, yoga, acupuncture or just regular therapy. If one thing didn’t work out there was plenty of choices. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

I truly feel that attending Malibu Vista saved my life. I was so entrenched in my depression before coming here that I had wholly lost myself. I was unsure of who I was or what I had to offer the world before coming here, and I feel like I’ve gained a sense of self that I had lost a long time before coming here. I feel like I regained my will to live. That I have a new energy for life and that I am starting a lifelong journey of healing. I feel like I have done something so positive and so responsible for my future and in doing so I feel like I have truly proven to myself that I love myself. Perhaps my favorite thing about myself right now is that I sought treatment. I have so much to thank Malibu Vista for. Eternal gratitude, and no words seem to do it justice at all. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

As a 44-year old ego-maniac with an inferiority complex, I have through the unconditional love and professional guidance at MV, made significant steps toward healing. I no longer have to accept that my life’s story ends with death by a thousand paper-cuts; fueled by alcoholism.

I hold my sobriety date of November 4 sacred and non-negotiable under any circumstances. At MV I have been given a robust tool-kit that will enable me to continue my vital self-exploration at The Ranch. I am no longer concerned with the duration of time this treatment will take; rather I have surrendered to the process. I now feel that I am worth all of the time, energy, and cost associated with my healing. I long to live the next half of my life with self-compassion and freedom from the fictitious story I believed about myself. – Promises Malibu Vista Alumni

The best part of my experience was the small community feel which leads to more of a hands on approach with our counselors. I like that everyone knew each other by name and really made an effort to look out for each other. The exercise programs were a great perk and the salon/massage options were terrific. Overall, it was a very thorough approach in tackling my addiction using a variety of techniques. – Promises Austin Alumni

The best part was definitely the therapists and nurses – truly amazing and above and beyond for the most part. The group of clients was very special – a wonderful bond overall at a much needed time in our lives. – Promises Austin Alumni

It was such a wonderful experience. Everything from my counselor who was truly amazing (Megan) to the community here to the group sessions and even fitness focus. Such a great comprehensive treatment. I’m physically more healthy, mentally more healthy, emotionally more healthy, and spiritually more healthy. I can’t say enough about how life changing this experience has been. – Promises Austin Alumni

I am sober & feel great & ready for the next chapter in my life. I have met some great people here that I plan to stay in touch with once I leave. I also really loved the exercise. It was a big part of my life before I started drinking & have exercised every day since I was released from detox. Great for mental & physical health. This has been a big part of my recovery. I feel fantastic & this was very good for me. I am at peace with my life, feel great physically & have learned the skills to continue down this path. – Promises Austin Alumni

The individual therapy sessions, spirituality/ meditation class, delicious food, and quality time with other clients proved to be the most joyful and beneficial aspects of my treatment here at Promises. – Promises Austin Alumni

the clients all seemed like they wanted to be here, and the community as a whole was supportive. the clinical staff was respective, and the progress I made can be attributed to both the community and the treatment team. Also – Carlos, Ernesto and Mike were fantastic chefs. Steve and Scott are really compassionate RA’s who made the days fund and enjoyable as well. Jodi was a fantastic counselor and I am lucky to have been able to work with her. – Promises Austin Alumni

thank you to the entire staff, this was the most important step I have taken in my life to make it better, I am leaving happy, sober and looking forward to the next part to my life story. – Promises Austin Alumni

The best part of my experience is that this gave me HOPE. The education I got about the disease of alcoholism was really enlightening and helpful. I feel like coming out of here, I’m in pretty good shape to know what I need to do- I got a lot of tools here. I feel confident. – Promises Austin Alumni

I feel that my treatment goals were meet 100%. Debbie was an amazing therapist and the rest of the rest of the staff also went above and beyond to meet my needs. – Promises Austin Alumni

On a scale of 1-10 a 9.5! I got exactly what I needed. – Promises Austin Alumni

Many of the staff members here at Promises are amazing, wise people that truly care, and they made this experience transformative for me. – Promises Austin Alumni

I really enjoyed how great the staff were. My counselor was truly amazing I’ve learned so much. I have developed so many new great relationships while being here. It has been one of the best experiences of my life. – Promises Austin Alumni

I talked to an intake counselor who recommended Promises, citing that this treatment center could better meet my needs. I passed it up the first time I saw the website, because the marketing seemed to target clients who would require/expect a luxurious experience. I didn’t think I could afford it, but the Admissions Director was able to find a way for me to come. I am so grateful for this gift from the people who made it affordable. – Promises Austin Alumni

When I arrived here at Promises I was hopeless and helpless. I can’t believe I’m walking out a new woman. Full of life and hope that my future is a bright one. Thank you Promises-“Ya saved my life”!

The entire program was more than I expected. This was the best decision I have made and I wouldn’t change a thing. The food was wonderful. The staff and the techs have been so supportive and helpful. The sessions, both group and individual, we extremely well done and very enlightening. Who knew that rehab could be fun and enjoyable! I’m so glad that I came to Promises.

I wanted center that was more upscale due to my age and economic situation. I was looking to be in treatment with people i could relate to. My primary therapist was awesome. The techs are great. The food is awesome. The cleaning and cooking staff are wonderful. I love Margot the acupuncture/nutritionist she has helped me immensely. Also the emphasis on health, physical fitness and great food. The availability of massage, meditation and acupuncture is awesome.

When I got to promises I was broken but the staff pushed me to stay and continue working on my recovery. It has been the best decision I ever made in my life. I’ve gained so much here mentally, physically and spiritually. Not only am I sober but I have a strong group of friends and a strong community through the alumni program. I was also shown that you could recover through a 12 step program which has given me so much spiritually. I have regained my confidence, my energy and given a new outlook on life. The groups and therapy always got to the core of my issues and the community is so strong that talking to your fellows is easy and actually encouraged. I have been shown so much love here and I am eternally grateful for Promises.

Promises unique approach to recovery turned the broken young man who arrived into a upstanding member of my community. My relationship with my family was restored. I have a great job, a place to live, but above all I’ve been freed from the bondage that is alcoholism and drug addiction. I no longer look in the mirror and shutter at the site of myself. I walk with my head held high and with confidence, things that I never thought were possible. These miracles are fully due to the excellent staff and program that Promises provided me with. I’ve said it before and I will say it again Promises saved my life.

I enjoyed the whole experience. I am really grateful and feel extremely lucky and fortunate that I was able to complete the program.

I think the therapists here and the clinicians are absolutely amazing; they really worked with me and supported me through the entire process.

My needs were definitely met during my time here. The intimate atmosphere and the amount of time spent with individual therapist greatly helped during my stay. Jana could not have been a better fit for me and helped me to realize realistic goals for myself.

It was a very wonderful, comfortable and luxurious treatment center. The food and grounds are beautiful. I loved my groups and the AA meetings and the freedom we also got. I was blown away by my experience. Thank You PROMISES!!!!!!

I am not leaving the same person when I got here. My crash and burn before I got here was years in the making. But in only 5 short weeks, I have been given the tools to grow stronger, improve my quality of life and find joy… something ii always assumed was unattainable.

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