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Nothing makes us happier than when clients tell us about the positive changes that have happened in their lives as a result of their treatment at Promises. We hope these reviews and letters can serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others needing relief from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Promises truly is a place where hope and healing begins.

I am currently in my 50th day of a life changing experience here at Promisess, Malibu. The amazing people that have touched my life are now part of the fabric of my recovery. Recovery permeates the beautiful surroundings and emanates from the sober staff. The outside AA meetings offer real world experience that I can carry with me when I leave. But it is the life-long sober friendships that I really treasure. My therapist is in recovery and offers a unique perspective to my recovery issues. I came here hoping and I leave here with hope.

Maria, May 2012

I have been very impressed with the care that I have received at Promises. The facilities, staff, and food are wonderful. I encourage anyone interested in treatment to explore Promises as an option.

Brendan, May 2012

Promises Treatment Center has proven to be an effective drug and alcohol program that addressed ALL of my recovery needs. The staff was not only highly skilled and knowledgeable about drug and alcohol rehabilitation, but empathetic towards my needs as a very newly sober patient as well. When I first arrive at Promises, I was put “on detox”. The doctors nursing staff, and clinical technicians saw to it that I was made comfortable in my environment and with appropriate medications. I was not made to feel like a ‘ bad patient ‘ when addressing my myriad of needs throughout my stay at Promises West L.A. I strongly feel that my experience was beneficial due to the excellent quality of care and therapy that I was given. Every hour at Promises was accounted for. Groups included but were not limited to: meditation, yoga, nutrition, and twelve step recovery meetings. One-on-one therapy included meeting often with my counselor and neuro-feedback. Patients were also take to the gym daily to emphasize healthy habits. The food and cleanliness were also excellent. The administration also accommodated my special needs by allowing me to extend my in-patient stay for one extra day due to my long period of detoxification. All in all, I could not have asked for a better rehabilitation center to embark on my new, sober way of living!

Tina, April 2012

Promises treatment center is well prepared and designed for those seeking drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation. The facility includes staff members who are themselves in recovery, which can be a vitally important aspect to a client’s treatment. Having people around who have been through early recovery is a great plus for a client, because they have access to that persons personal experience as an addict. The treatment center also has an intuitively structured program that is conducive to patient’s needs, which supplies a variety of treatment methods, while giving patients time to breathe as well. Patients are taken to outside 12-step recovery meetings every evening. The day to day groups include yoga, meditation, and hypno-therapy, as well as groups designed for more intensive recovery focused goals, like anger-management or relapse-prevention. Family therapy is also integrated into a client’s treatment plan. Overall I would say that Promises is a well-balanced treatment center. I would certainly recommend Promises to someone with drug/alcohol issues.

Keroac, March 2012

I would choose no other place to go to treat my drug addiction. Promises provides the knowledge, coping skills, and foundation necessary in order to live a life free of addiction. Every single member of the staff is so caring, and is seriously invested in each of the clients well-being; they truly care about the success of the clients after leaving treatment. I feel like a member of a big Promises family. I would recommend this facility to anyone looking into getting help for addiction or alcoholism. The food is incredible, the beds are amazing, and the facilities are pristine. Although the recovery process is taken seriously, Promises has the ability to show how fun sobriety is… I can’t stress enough how much it has helped me and how much it means to me. Promises has truly given me hope for a better future, and provided with me with a better tomorrow.

Alex, March 2012

My experience of Promises has been great. The staff is very receptive to people’s needs and the groups offer great insight into the issues surrounding addiction and subsequent sobriety. Promises does a great job at emphasizing the importance of a mind and body connection by taking us to the gym five days a week and combining that with groups which teach healthy coping mechanisms for areas ranging from anxiety and depression to anger management and relapse prevention.

Seth, March 2012

I stayed at Promises Malibu for 61 days. During my stay, I was immersed in recovery. Practically the entire staff is sober and involved in recovery. There was a plethora of staff that were always available to assist and guide me through my stay. The alumni are heavily involved with assisting the clients. I made incredible friendships. Promises treated me as an individual and provided me with treatment that addressed my specific needs. Additionally, I was taken to outside 12 step meetings, the gym and movies, which provided a break from the individual and group therapy. Promises introduced me to a method of recovery which will help keep me sober on a day to day basis for the rest of my life.

Anonymous, April 2012

I was at Promises in Malibu for 33 days this year. It was a great experience in all aspects of my care. I had a great therapist who helped me in too many ways to enumerate. The staff was friendly,informative, and helpful to my recovery. During my stay I developed wonderful relationships which will live with me forever. I cannot thank the staff enough for helping me to start on my road to recovery.

Merle, April 2012

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