Day: November 11, 2014

Which Pain Patients Are Most Likely to Abuse Opioids?

Chronic pain is the accepted term for significant pain that lasts for anywhere from weeks to years instead of resolving rapidly with or without treatment. Opioid medications are a powerful class of prescription substances frequently used to ease the effects of serious and chronic pain. However, ongoing use of prescription opioids comes with a considerable …

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Retraining the Brain in Recovery

Much of the new research into addiction talks about how drugs change the brain. What does this mean? We know that whatever those changes are, they make a person dependent on the drug, but how does it work? It turns out that our brains have an amazing degree of plasticity, which means the brain can …

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Getting Through Veterans Day Sober

For many people, Veterans Day brings to mind celebratory traditions such as parades and family gatherings. It’s a day that marks the service of all U.S. military veterans, so if you or other members of your family are veterans, celebrations may be even more wild or intense.

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