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Month: November 2019

Types of Holistic Therapy

When seeking help for substance abuse, you may have encountered an approach called holistic medicine or holistic therapies. If so, you may have been wondering what holistic therapy is and what the types of holistic therapy are. If so, read below for more information about this creative approach to substance abuse.  What is Holistic Therapy? …

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Signs of Gambling Addiction

Approximately 2.5 million Americans suffer from compulsive gambling, and the gambling issue in the United States is growing with the legalization of gambling in 48 states plus the District of Columbia. People lose millions of dollars every year from gambling. Whether you are dealing with moderate gambling or gambling frequently, you may wonder how to …

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How Does Rehab in Texas Work?

With the drug epidemic at a critical high right now, it’s essential for people who are stuck in the midst of addiction to seek treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, opioid abuse from fentanyl, a synthetic opioid, tripled in Texas in the last decade. In addition, other drug-related problems are an issue …

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Your Guide to Relapse Prevention

Once you take that first step in quitting drugs or alcohol, you probably feel fantastic. The very act of moving forward in your own journey to sobriety is liberating and healing. Maybe you’ve completed a drug or alcohol detox program, and you are feeling inspired about the future. However, before you jump into life and …

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people holding hands during a Group Therapy Program

Group Therapy Activities

The group therapy activities at Promises P.A.T.H gives you support from those who have similar experiences to yours. If you feel isolated or ashamed of your addiction, group therapy can empower you to get back on your feet and keep going. You can achieve a positive self-image while encouraging others around you. In some ways, …

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ADHD and Anxiety

ADHD and anxiety are two extremely common conditions in the United States. In fact, millions of people are diagnosed with either ADHD or anxiety; however, these conditions can also occur together, which is referred to as a comorbidity.  Comorbidity is two conditions occurring simultaneously. Some conditions, such as ADHD and anxiety, occur together more frequently. …

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Effects of Xanax on Health

People who suffer from anxiety disorders are sometimes prescribed Xanax to help control symptoms. However, Xanax is an addictive substance that some people have difficulty controlling. In addition, when taking any medication, it’s helpful to understand all the side effects and other implications of taking it. If you are taking Xanax for any reason, you …

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a doctor explaining to their patient CBT vs. DBT


Cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are forms of talk therapy that help you address the root causes of your addiction. Doctors use these treatments to help you manage any mental disorders you have. Although there are several similarities, there are also differences between CBT vs. DBT that distinguish each type of therapy.  Let’s take …

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