Month: April 2020

a doctor and patient discuss the drug facts you should know

6 Drug Facts You Should Know

The word, “drugs,” spans a slew of substances — both legal and illegal — that have effects on the brain that the user finds beneficial. In some cases, such as prescription medications like painkillers, the use of drugs can be both legal and positive. All too often, though, drug use falls into the category of being …

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Do I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

If you’re struggling with a mental health and substance abuse disorder, you may wonder do I need dual diagnosis treatment. In short, completing a dual diagnosis treatment program is the best way to improve your ability to fully recover. Addiction, substance abuse disorders, and alcoholism are chronic, powerful, and progressive conditions that impact your physical, …

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Preparing for Rehab

Addiction can develop rapidly, meaning you can develop a dependency to your substance of choice within weeks of your first use. Struggling with a substance abuse disorder can impact various areas of your life. As addiction progresses, you have to continue to increase your use as your tolerance builds to continue experiencing the pleasurable effects …

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a group of people create a play as part of substance abuse group therapy activities

3 Examples Of Substance Abuse Group Therapy Activities

Group therapy is a cornerstone of treatment for substance use disorder. When combined with other elements of treatment like individual therapy and medication-assisted treatment, group therapy can provide mentoring opportunities that help sustain recovery. The right substance abuse group therapy activities can solidify the foundation that is needed to fully recover. What Is Substance Abuse Group …

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a doctor explains substance abuse preventions to her patient

Substance Abuse Preventions You Need To Know About

Substance abuse has reached critical levels in the United States. People from all walks of life — young and old, educated and still in school — have been affected. In spite of the fact that this epidemic reaches across every barrier, there are still substance abuse preventions that are effective. Knowing and implementing these can make …

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a man with a mask wonders about an epidemic vs a pandemic

Epidemic vs. Pandemic

People following the ever-unfolding COVID-19 crisis are hearing a lot of different terms thrown around, which may be hard to distinguish from each other. For example, what difference does it make if the coronavirus is considered an epidemic vs. pandemic? There are specific criteria a disease must meet before being declared one or the other. …

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a woman in a bath robe shivers as she sees clear signs of drug use

5 Clear Signs Of Drug Use

By nature, drug use tends to be an activity that people engage in secretly. This activity especially pertains to those family, friends, coworkers, and other loved ones who are close to a particular person. Typically, loved ones meet drug use with disapproval, anger, and other negative emotions. Despite this, there are several clear signs of …

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Benefiting from Individualized Care

Completing substance abuse treatment is the best way to improve your chances of making a full recovery. Benefiting from individualized care is possible during treatment, as substance abuse programs focus on creating unique treatment plans that address your specific needs. If you struggle with a substance abuse disorder, addiction, or alcoholism, you’re far from alone. …

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