July 2020

Is Alcohol a Drug?

Many people wonder, “Is alcohol a drug?” Well, the simple answer is yes. It is a substance with a profound effect on bodily functions. Classified as a depressant, it has both short-term and long-term adverse effects on your overall health. It is important to understand how alcohol works in your body so you can get …

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a woman meditates as she battles common addiction triggers

Common Addiction Triggers

Addiction and recovery both come with a variety of challenges. Events, life situations such as loss of a loved one, a relationship, or a job potentially trigger drinking or using other drugs that lead to addiction. Memories of past trauma, whether childhood trauma or trauma that occurred in adulthood, can also possibly trigger addiction. Promises Behavioral …

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Is Alcohol a Depressant?

Many people drink alcohol to boost their mood. But sometimes, they feel moody after a drink instead. Because of this, you might wonder, “Is alcohol a depressant?” Understanding how alcohol affects your brain can help you benefit from alcohol addiction treatment.  Is Alcohol a Depressant? Alcohol is a recreational drug people usually consume for several …

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What are the Benefits of an Alumni Program?

Your recovery from addiction is a lifelong journey. With the possibility of relapse, treatment and care do not end after you no longer rely on drugs or alcohol. So finding the right people who you can connect with is essential. The benefits of an alumni program can provide essential support when you need it and …

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a child holding a teddy bear wonders if she'll have to deal with childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Are you a person that experienced childhood trauma and now struggle with addiction? Perhaps you feel that no one understands, so you use drugs to escape the past. Promises Behavioral Health offers treatment for your addiction and treatment to heal from your childhood trauma and addiction in the same caring, safe environment. Learn to understand the relationship …

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