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woman leans head on window while wondering is addiction a disease

Is Addiction a Disease?

There used to be a time when people thought of addiction as a moral failure. Some might still embrace this opinion. Science now shows us that chemical dependency is actually an illness. Could it be true; is addiction a disease? Is Addiction a Disease? Science proves that addiction is a sickness of the brain that …

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woman with her head in her hands struggles with how addiction affects the brain

How Addiction Affects the Brain

It’s a common misconception that people can quit abusing drugs or alcohol at will. That’s not the case. When you realize how addiction affects the brain, you see the insidious changes chemicals make to the organ. Interestingly, rehab and dialectical behavior therapy for addiction help you to reverse many of them. Chemicals Create Addiction Stimulants, …

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struggling woman lies on couch suffering from heroin withdrawal symptoms

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms to Know

Heroin’s a highly addictive opiate. If it hooked you, you’re probably no longer using for the high, which becomes more and more elusive. Rather, you’re trying to keep heroin withdrawal symptoms at bay. Here’s how a heroin addiction rehab program can help you overcome this dependency. Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Begin Eight to Twelve Hours after …

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young woman sits on couch with her hand on her mouth wondering to i have a dependent personality disorder

Do I Have a Dependent Personality Disorder?

Others frequently tell you that you’re clingy. You recognize that your fear of having others leave you is out of the ordinary. It causes you to wonder, “Do I have a dependent personality disorder?” Will you need residential treatment for dependent personality disorder? Here’s what you need to know. Do I Have a Dependent Personality …

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sad woman leans against wall and asks herself do i have a behavioral addiction

Do I Have a Behavioral Addiction?

Talk to people about addiction, and they visualize someone abusing alcohol or pain pills. However, few have heard of behavioral addiction. It’s a situation where someone struggles with specific behaviors in the same way someone else experiences substance abuse. It still requires treatment at addiction treatment centers. Do you fall into this category? What’s a …

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woman in glasses talking to counselor with clipboard about the benefits of medical detox

Benefits of Medical Detox

Detoxification is the first step on the road to recovery. Right now, you wake up to withdrawal symptoms. After a week of detox, you wake up without them. What are the benefits of medical drug detox programs as opposed to self-detox? Why Self-Detox Fails so Frequently You’re thinking of white-knuckling it. Already, you’ve tossed out …

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group of people sit in a circle and talking about the benefits of 12 step programs for addiction

Benefits of 12 Step Programs For Addiction

Most people are at least vaguely familiar with the concept of a 12 Step program. However, far fewer can accurately detail the benefits of 12 Step programs. Take a closer look at the many different ways that 12 Step treatment centers can be beneficial for those who are ready to overcome a drug or alcohol …

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two women walk in a park asking are there benefits of therapy away from home

Are There Benefits of Therapy Away from Home?

Drug and alcohol addiction often involves complications, including worsening mental health. Without effective treatment, continued substance abuse can lead to lifelong, negative consequences. If you’re anxious about treatment because you’re surrounded by triggers, therapy away from home may be a better option for you. Some people find a number of benefits in getting a fresh …

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