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The Origin of Addiction

The addiction to illicit substances such as drugs and alcohol can be a life-threatening disease. There is no cap to the age of people who abuse illegal substances as it can range from young adolescents to the elderly. With the number of drug and alcohol abusers continuing to rise among Americans, it becomes a curiosity …

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A Love Affair With Addiction

A great deal of people think that the majority of drug and alcohol users are young adolescents and college students when in reality, a large number of 30s-50 year olds are experiencing addiction problems as well. Studies have shown that deaths from illicit drug over doses have risen 800% since 1980 and that is due in large part to the immense amount of prescription drug abuse that often fills the homes of suburban families. For the middle-aged, drug and alcohol abuse not only exists because of past experiences or genetics, but many use substance abuse as a mask to numb the pain from major life changes such as losing a job, getting a divorce, or experiencing some sort of trauma. These changes bring with them an intense load of stress, and often times the people who experience these situations cannot handle them and they turn to substance abuse to handle the depression they are feeling. So the question becomes: is there a connection between depression and substance abuse?

Chemical Dependency: A Life Not Your Own

An individual who has developed a chemical dependency often looses necessary control over their life to a certain extent. To better understand why, think about the other interchangeable terms used to refer to chemical dependency, such as alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse, drug habit and drug addiction. In its true form, chemical dependency is referring to …

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