Drug & Alcohol Detox

Partial Hospitalization for Addiction Treatment

Although addiction is a chronic disease, it’s possible to learn how to manage your symptoms to achieve recovery. Programs like partial hospitalization for addiction treatment ensure that you have the support and guidance necessary to learn how to cope with cravings and triggers. In 2013, 24.6 million Americans, or nearly 10% of the population, used …

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Preparing for Rehab

Addiction can develop rapidly, meaning you can develop a dependency to your substance of choice within weeks of your first use. Struggling with a substance abuse disorder can impact various areas of your life. As addiction progresses, you have to continue to increase your use as your tolerance builds to continue experiencing the pleasurable effects …

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Why Do I Need Alcohol Abuse Counseling?

Alcohol intoxication impairs your judgment and cognition, which increases your risks of engaging in dangerous, risky, or uncharacteristic behaviors. Early treatment is one of the best ways to improve your chances of achieving sobriety. So if you’re wondering why do I need alcohol abuse counseling, the short answer is that treatment includes therapy because it …

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What is an Addiction Specialist?

Addiction is a progressive and chronic condition, which is why early treatment is imperative for recovery. The longer you abuse drugs and alcohol, the more damaging the consequences become. Not only can addiction impact your health, but it can also hurt your career and familial relationships. Treatment includes working with an addiction specialist to learn …

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Your Guide to Relapse Prevention

Once you take that first step in quitting drugs or alcohol, you probably feel fantastic. The very act of moving forward in your own journey to sobriety is liberating and healing. Maybe you’ve completed a drug or alcohol detox program, and you are feeling inspired about the future. However, before you jump into life and …

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Will I Get Alcohol Withdrawal Shakes?

Alcohol use disorder is a startling problem in the United States. In fact, more people die from alcohol-related issues than even opioid overdoses. Alcoholism is a problem that some people don’t want to tackle because they worry about what to expect. Consequently, people may wonder if they will get alcohol withdrawal shakes or tremors when …

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