Addiction Recovery & the Negative Effects of Not Letting Go

Addiction recovery is a long and involved process for all concerned – not just the addict. But whether you are the addict in recovery, or the family members, friends or co-workers, one thing is certain: there’s no point in continually focusing on the bad memories. That just clouds the situation and makes healing for everyone …

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a doctor comforts her patient with tips for relapse prevention

Tips for Relapse Prevention

If you are a recovering alcoholic or substance abuser, you know that relapse is a not-uncommon occurrence. While it’s important to recognize this fact, there are things you can do proactively to prevent falling into relapse. Use our tips for relapse prevention to help you. Tips For Relapse Prevention Identify high-risk situations – You know …

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a woman sits on a curb after an earthquake and thinks about the 9 healthy steps to staying sober during a diaster

9 Healthy Steps to Staying Sober During a Disaster

Our world seems to be spinning out of control from traumatic events. With Category 5 hurricanes, earthquakes, brush fires and another mass shooting on American soil, many people are finding themselves in the midst of unexpected calamities and natural disasters. If they are not personally affected, they may have loved ones who are. In these …

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A man holds his head as one of the side effects of vivitol takes effect

What Are the Side Effects of Vivitrol?

If you’ve been through a rehab program to break free of opioids or alcohol addiction, you may have used the drug Vivitrol. Vivitrol is a relatively recent drug that is commonly used for the treatment of alcohol dependence or to prevent relapse in patients struggling with opioid dependence. It can help users break free from …

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A group of people share tips for staying sober

Recovery Lifestyle: 6 Tips for Staying Sober

It is a common belief that a person with an addiction is “fixed” or cured during drug rehab. But because addiction is a chronic disease, even after completing drug or alcohol rehab, there’s still work to do. Thanks to detox and treatment, you have cleansed substances from your body and gained new insights in therapy …

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A man helps his wife through embracing failure and relapse

Embracing the ‘Failure’ of Relapse

Relapse is more the rule than the exception in addiction recovery. In fact, relapse is considered a component of addiction, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which says, “Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences.” Instead of viewing relapse as …

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Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Women

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a mental health condition marked by deep-seated insecurity hidden behind such things as outsized displays of arrogance, self-importance, and self-adulation. This condition affects a small but significant percentage of American adults. Both women and men develop NPD. However, the condition’s impact on women differs from its impact on men in …

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