Trauma & PTSD

a child holding a teddy bear wonders if she'll have to deal with childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Are you a person that experienced childhood trauma and now struggle with addiction? Perhaps you feel that no one understands, so you use drugs to escape the past. Promises Behavioral Health offers treatment for your addiction and treatment to heal from your childhood trauma and addiction in the same caring, safe environment. Learn to understand the relationship …

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woman sitting with her head in her hands struggling with different types of mental illness

Types of Mental Illness

With so many possible types of mental illness, knowing when you or someone you love suffer one of these conditions is difficult. You need a doctor’s help in determining your mental health status, particularly if you also suffer a dual diagnosis of addiction. Whether you suffer one of the many types of mental illness or …

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man with a drinking who is wishing he had gone to rehab as he wonders is trauma behind your alcohol or drug use

Is Trauma Behind Your Alcohol or Drug Use?

For those struggling with trauma, substances such as drugs and alcohol can seem to offer a way to cope with emotional pain. It’s a false promise, of course. The numbing effects of the drink or the drug will eventually wear off, and the pain will return in force. And with it often comes a new …

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a man stares out into the mist as he considers addiction-related trauma

Addiction-Related Trauma

The consequences of an active and unchecked addictive disorder can be far-reaching and devastatingly impactful as every aspect of an individual’s life becomes vulnerable to the effects of problematic substance use. Losses occur across the spectrum of daily life—in relationships, finances, physical health, mental and emotional stability, self-esteem, self-image, spirituality, motivation, and confidence. The possibility …

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a woman sits on a curb after an earthquake and thinks about the 9 healthy steps to staying sober during a diaster

9 Healthy Steps to Staying Sober During a Disaster

Our world seems to be spinning out of control from traumatic events. With Category 5 hurricanes, earthquakes, brush fires and another mass shooting on American soil, many people are finding themselves in the midst of unexpected calamities and natural disasters. If they are not personally affected, they may have loved ones who are. In these …

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a man in prison bows his head as he thinks about how prisoners are at higher risk for PTSD

Prisoners at Higher Risk for PTSD

According to recent research, prisoners are at higher risk or PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Using data collected from a survey, the researchers found that being incarcerated nearly doubles the risk that a man will suffer from this devastating condition. Few studies have looked into this issue, but knowing that there is a connection between …

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A man remembers someone yelling at him as he struggles with complex PTSD

How to Cope With Complex PTSD

Complex PTSD occurs when a person has been exposed to long-term trauma, such as ongoing domestic violence, forced prostitution, being held hostage or long-term childhood abuse. Most people who suffer from complex PTSD experience problems with regulating their emotions, memory problems, dissociation, difficulty trusting others, having stable relationships, and problems with self-perceptions of guilt, shame, …

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An ambulance speeds by, as the viewers wonder how first responders cope with trauma

Helping First Responders Cope with Trauma

 First responders frequently suffer a traumatic injury. Whether from a single event or the cumulative impact of several events over time, most first responders don’t realize or recognize the impact. How should first responders cope with trauma? A necessary approach to their life-saving work is: Do first, feel later. When drawing a weapon, running into …

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two teen experience the subtle trauma effects

What Are the Subtle Trauma Effects?

Even the smallest childhood traumas can strongly influence our adult lives. We tend to think of early trauma as violence, sexual abuse, neglect and loss, or as something caused by major catastrophes, crimes or accidents. There are many different levels of overt trauma. However, there are subtle trauma effects that can lead to major consequences. …

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close up of therapy for how to help someone with PTSD

How to Help Someone with PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common forms of mental illness in the United States. Promises Behavioral Health is among local trauma and PTSD treatment centers that help families and individuals struggling with PTSD and its many symptoms. PTSD can strike virtually anyone at just about any point in his or …

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