Man thinking about tips for surviving the holidays without family drama

Eat, Drink and Be Wary: Tips for Surviving the Holidays Without Family Drama

The holiday season is a time to reunite with those we care about. But togetherness doesn’t necessarily translate into those heartwarming scenes we’re taught to expect by songs, movies and advertisers. Instead, we may end up stressed, frustrated and resentful as old patterns repeat themselves, priorities clash and memories resurface. That family baggage you’ve accumulated…

Girl dealing with the consequences of workaholism

Consequences of Workaholism

A work addiction might begin innocently enough: perhaps you stay late at work a few nights a week to finish up a project with a looming deadline. Working under pressure and getting things accomplished gives you an elated, euphoric feeling, and when the next important project rolls around, you jump at the chance to take…

People arguing over an intervention

5 Ways to Screw Up an Intervention

By Dr. Greg Skipper, MD When a doctor or other professional shows signs of a problem with drugs or alcohol, an intervention is the next step. I’ve led many of these addiction interventions, sometimes speaking to the struggling professional one-on-one and sometimes joined by family members and others who can lend their influence and encouragement.…