Side Effects of Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

It’s so tempting to try quitting alcohol cold turkey. You’re thinking of all the money you could save on detox! However, there are some genuine dangers if you decide to go ahead. Do you know what they are?

What’s Alcohol Withdrawal Like?

You wake up to the shakes. Maybe that’s normal for you right now. At a good-quality alcohol addiction treatment center, therapists identify it as one of the earliest signs of withdrawal. The next ones are clammy skin, a raging headache, and nausea. You feel like quitting alcohol cold turkey won’t be all that hard. After all, so far, you’re doing great. However, it’s going to get worse over the next couple of days. Suddenly, your nervous system comes back online. At the same time, your brain’s still working overtime. When these two combine, you encounter a risk of seizures. Besides that, the side effects of quitting alcohol cold turkey could include hallucinations. Because you’re on your own, you don’t know what’s real and what isn’t.

Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey Could Result in the DTs

Delirium tremens (DTs) is the most dreaded withdrawal symptoms when quitting alcohol. It doesn’t happen to many people. However, it’s next to impossible to determine who’s at risk. Therefore, experts warn that people with a drinking problem should detox at a facility. The DTs can be fatal. You won’t know what’s happening until seizures begin. It may be impossible to call first responders. Besides that, you may suddenly encounter a heart attack due to arrhythmias.

Medical Detox is Safe, Quick, and Easy

The flip side to quitting alcohol cold turkey is medical detoxification. It takes place at a rehab center that offers medical care. Many of these venues are private clinics with a homelike feel. You check-in and talk to the therapists. Typical treatment approaches include:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring by medical staff members who understand when to intervene
  • Medication-assisted treatment that helps you deal with intense cravings
  • Pain medication to handle the discomfort that comes from quitting alcohol
  • IV Therapy that assists with the side effects of dehydration and malnutrition from alcohol abuse
  • Therapy sessions for clients who want to verbalize what they think and feel
  • Individual talk therapy that encourages you to set goals for long-term recovery

The entire process takes about a week. In a short seven days, you’ll wake up without the shakes. Your body no longer signals you to drink. Similarly, you can make it through the day without having to have alcohol to calm yourself. With the side effects of quitting alcohol cold turkey being so severe, doesn’t it make sense to invest a week?

Make Today a Day That Changes Everything

Quitting alcohol cold turkey is an all-around bad idea. Going to a detox center spares you the danger, discomfort, and overwhelming craving. Best of all, you can move on to a residential drug rehab center right afterward. Call Promises today at 844.875.5609 to schedule your intake appointment.

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