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What is Distress Tolerance?

Let’s Look at the Relationship Between Distress Tolerance and Alcohol Abuse Stress is a part of everyday life, and everyone has different ways of coping. But if you’ve relied on alcohol abuse to escape from emotional pain and distress, even minor stressors can seem overwhelming during recovery. It takes time and patience to build up …

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Man being charged with mandatory addiction treatment by judge

Does Mandatory Addiction Treatment Work?

If you have a loved one trapped within the toxic cycle of substance dependence, you may have hoped that they receive mandatory addiction treatment. You may have also wondered whether mandatory addiction treatment works. Or whether your loved one is stuck until they hit “rock bottom” or end up as a statistic. Keep reading for …

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Alcoholic man thinking through his day of drinking

A Day in the Life of An Alcoholic

You tap your fingers against the empty bottle, sweat pooling at the base of your back. The things you see and know are in stark contrast to what you want to know.  The bottle you hold contains nothing. It is dry, consumed.  It shouldn’t be, not when you know full well the seal was broken …

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Common Reasons Teens Abuse Alcohol or Drugs

The teen years are often considered the most difficult period of a person’s life. After all, how often do you hear anyone over the age of 30 wistfully say, “Oh, to be 15 again…”? Probably never. It’s a vulnerable time of life as teens attempt to navigate the precarious bridge between childhood and adulthood. And …

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Women and Alcoholism

While alcoholism has perhaps traditionally been considered a more prevalent problem among men, alcoholism is an equal opportunity disease. But women and alcoholism are, in many ways, much different than their male counterparts. Researchers across the spectrum of alcohol prevention, treatment, education, and outreach continue to study alcohol’s effects on women, whether different treatment protocols …

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a woman uses science to teach teens about drinking

Use Science to Talk to Your Teens about Drinking

If you’re a parent, you should assume that your child will be tempted to drink on prom night and other celebrations that mark the end of the school year. In a 2005 survey of high school students, about 43 percent had consumed alcohol in the past 30 days, and 75 percent had tried alcohol at …

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a woman covers her face as she wonders what is alcohol abuse

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Do you know the answer to the question, ‘What is alcohol abuse?’ Do you know whether you or your loved one has an alcohol use disorder? The answers to these and other questions help individuals understand what is alcohol abuse, and how it potentially affects them. The Promises Behavioral Health experienced professionals helps clients and …

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