male with hands crossed finding spirituality in recoverySpirituality means different things to different people and we honor that at Promises Treatment Centers. Just as treatment seeks to heal the physical and emotional aspects of addiction and other mental health disorders, spiritual care is an important part of recovery. Spirituality supports overall well-being by helping people feel connected to something bigger than themselves. This helps offset the isolation and disconnection many feel when they’re entrenched in destructive behaviors and/or struggling with mental health disorders. It is important not to ostracize these people and welcome them in with open arms. Finding spirituality in recovery can be a significant turning point for those seeking to live a healthy and full life. 

Different Types of Spiritual Care

We encourage clients’ free expression and exploration and hope that they find strength in their personal experience of spirituality. Specific spiritual care activities vary by treatment center and a client’s individual treatment plan. Depending on which Promises program a client attends, care that supports spirituality in recovery may include:

12 Steps – The 12 Steps encourage participants to embrace a higher power (this could be God or a secular entity) as a source of strength and stability in recovery. Our mental health and drug rehabs offer onsite and off-campus 12-step meetings. These meetings help those in recovery find reassurance in the fact that they are not alone. It often helps to hear that someone else has been in their shoes before.

12-Step Alternatives – For people who don’t relate to the 12 Steps, there are a number of alternative options. Some common ones include SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery and LifeRing. We can introduce clients to a variety of 12-step alternatives to find one that best suits their beliefs and preferences. These programs incorporate

Spiritual care therapy – Clients can address spiritual questions during one-on-one counseling with their primary therapist. We encourage them to decide what spirituality means to them.

Mindfulness based relapse prevention – All of our treatment centers offer forms of mindfulness. Mindfulness practices can help clients stay present in the moment and enjoy the here and now. These activities may include meditation, yoga, body scanning, and other grounding activities.

Find Spirituality in Recovery Today

Sometimes recovery does not require medication. There are alternative ways to get treatment for an addiction or mental health disorder. Spiritual care an alternative to traditional methods that can produce real results. When a loved one wants to seek treatment but does not want to go through medically assisted treatment, an alternative method may be the right decision.

At Promises Treatment Centers, we aim to find the most effective and efficient ways to help clients achieve their goals of recovery. Whether they seek spirituality in recovery or they wish to take a different path, our programs and services help encourage and support their recovery journey. When you’re ready to begin your journey, reach out to our team of professionals to determine what programs are best for you. 

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