Addiction doesn’t just affect the body and mind. It also harms the spirit. To align mind, body, and spirit, Promises looks to holistic therapy. Here’s how these treatments could help you heal.

Holistic Therapy for Addiction? Yes!woman sits in sunlit room with eyes closed during holistic therapy

It’s a common misconception that you only need medical and clinical therapies. Although both work together to help you overcome physical and psychological addiction, they’re not enough. Promises aims to heal the whole person. This understanding requires a way to reach your spiritual self.

The self is different from a religious belief in holistic therapy. You don’t have to follow any type of religion to benefit from holistic therapy for addiction. Instead, these addiction therapy programs try to help you look inward and get back in touch with what makes you unique. Most importantly, you can adapt a holistic therapy program to meet your current and future needs.

Popular Holistic Therapies at Promises

The yoga therapy program for addiction is one of the most popular modalities. The goal is to combine breathing and physical exercises. In the process, you increase your self-awareness. As the yoga strengthens your body and relaxation ability, it also helps you look inward to calm your mind.

Labyrinth walking is another exercise. You can do it alone or with others. The labyrinth is a simple collection of rocks on the ground. You walk through it and internalize the symbolism.

This approach to problem-solving works well because your mind and body are working in tandem. Meditation at the Sacred Hoop is a way of connecting your mind and spirit. Here, the symbolism clearly shows the different directions you might select for your life. Through meditation or prayer, you explore the ways you wish to proceed in life.

Nutritional counseling is another excellent example of a holistic therapy for addiction. People like to eat. However, did you know that selecting the right foods could be a profoundly spiritual experience? Nutritional counseling brings together mind, body, and spirit.

Holistic Therapy Alone Isn’t Enough to Overcome Chemical Dependency

Promises therapists understand that there’s more to healing than a good-quality holistic therapy program. That’s why they’ll combine these modalities with evidence-based treatments. The latter are care approaches that have helped others heal from addiction. Therefore, it’s fair to assume that they’ll work for you, too.

As is the case with all therapies, specialists will personalize the various approaches for your unique needs. A case in point is cognitive-behavioral therapy. It could take place in a group setting or during one-on-one counseling sessions. Moreover, your therapist will let you determine the direction you want to take with the treatment.

Other treatments that holistic therapy augments include:

  • Behavioral counseling that focuses on making intentional changes to your thoughts and emotions
  • Psychotherapy, which is instrumental when you struggle with co-occurring conditions such as bipolar disorder
  • Psychodrama that works exceedingly well when you need help with seeing situations from others’ points of view
  • Relationship counseling as a tool to leave enabling behaviors behind for a more equitable partnership
  • Equine therapy, which is an excellent method for developing compassion, self-reliance, and self-esteem

Family therapy is another treatment approach that Promises therapists offer. Combined with holistic therapy, it assists you and your loved ones to make productive changes to the family dynamic. A good example is the improvement of communication skills. Add this therapy on to couples counseling for the best results.

It’s Time to Get Help

You’ve struggled by yourself long enough. Don’t put off practicing some self-care any longer. With evidence-based practices and holistic therapy, healing is within your reach. Connect with Promises’ therapists at 1.713.528.3709 now.