Our specialized team of psychiatric professionals draws upon evidence-based medications to complement behavioral care, when appropriate. Clients struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and substance use disorders may benefit from antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics or anti-anxiety medications. Through our psychiatric medication management program, clients can receive the appropriate medications that can help them through and after treatment.

Our Psychiatric Medication Management Program

doctor and male client discussing a psychiatric medication management programClients at Promises receive biopsychosocial assessments that include thorough behavioral and medical evaluations and history. Our psychiatrist confirms or revisits existing diagnoses. They also evaluate any current prescription medications to ensure the most effective and appropriate clinical interventions are in place.

Our treatment team assesses whether a client should continue prescribed medications, taper off a specific medication or try a different medication. We also determine if medication can complement specific therapeutic interventions. For example, a client with recurring anxiety or depression may take prescribed medication and engage in specific therapies shown to be effective, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. A person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or complex trauma may benefit from medication in addition to trauma-focused therapies like EMDR. We individualize our approaches based on the specific issues and needs of each client.

Medication Management

We take a comprehensive approach to addiction and mental health treatment. Medication is only one possible component that can support a client’s emotional, behavioral and physical well-being. Medications are used as clinically appropriate to ease symptoms and support overall healing.

Some clients who are recovering from certain drug addictions may benefit from medication designed to ease withdrawal symptoms and alleviate cravings. As clinically appropriate, our medical team may prescribe these types of medication as part of drug or alcohol detox and during treatment if appropriate.

Clients’ medications are carefully monitored by our experienced team of psychiatric specialists. We work closely with clients to make sure they understand why we’ve prescribed certain medications and any possible side effects. Our psychiatrist and nurses meet with clients regularly to monitor their progress on medications and adjust as needed. Should our team determine that medication is unnecessary, the client will not receive a presciption. Instead, they will work through a comprehensive treatment plan that meets their needs.

Help Through Promises Treatment Centers

At Promises Treatment Centers, we strive to provide a wide variety of services, therapies, and programs for our clients. We aim to give everyone the best chance possible of achieving their goals of long-lasting recovery. By treating everyone as an individual instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we create effective plans for success. Along with our psychiatric medication management program, we also offer the following services for our clients:

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