Most people don’t think of cocaine as a drug with particularly intense physical withdrawal symptoms. And if you compare it to alcohol or opioids, you’d be correct. However, this drug has tremendously powerful psychological signs of withdrawal. A stay at the Promises cocaine detox center would make a significant difference.

Most Common Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Man ponders his choices at a cocaine detox centerAs is always the case when discussing signs of withdrawal, your physical makeup makes a huge difference. The same’s true for your overall health, drug abuse habits, and typical daily dose. That said, there are some experiences that most people in your position share. For example, there’s the agitation that’s building.

You feel like you should be taking the drug even though you’ve decided to quit. Next, there’s the crash. It seems that the sleep you’ve been putting off is catching up with you.

There’s also the sudden appetite. That’s why cocaine detox programs typically include nutritional counseling, which prevents an unhealthy intake of empty calories. But what makes the withdrawal so terrifying is the deepening depression. That’s why a stay at the cocaine detox center makes the difference.

How Therapists at the Cocaine Detox Center Help You Battle Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine addiction treatment center therapists understand that cocaine withdrawal can lead to suicidal thoughts. They have the necessary training to observe these changes in your personality. Besides that, they know what you’re going through.

For this reason, many cocaine detox programs offer proactive modalities. The goal is to help you avoid some of the feelings and problems you might encounter. For example, by starting a dual diagnosis regimen that focuses on depression, you can avoid the worst of the condition. At Promises, you work with therapists who focus on your immediate needs.

They include relaxation and depression treatment. Other modalities might consist of:

  • Coping skills development that helps you build up practical abilities to deal with life’s current realities
  • Motivational interviewing, which reaffirms your decision to quit abusing cocaine and strengthens your involvement in therapy
  • Women’s empowerment as a tool to harness your inner strength during this difficult time at the cocaine detox center
  • Massage therapy for relaxation and the reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, which assists with depression care
  • One-on-one talk therapy to chart your path to long-term recovery

What Comes After a Stay at the Promises Cocaine Detox Center?

Almost all clients benefit from a transfer to our rehab care model. Since you’re already at the center, there’s no reason to change facilities. Instead, you simply graduate to a new set of treatments. Because you’ve succeeded in breaking the physical dependency, it’s now time to learn how to prevent relapse.

Doing so requires you to look at your reasons for using. It means answering the question, “What need did cocaine fulfill?” For some, there’s the realization that they have an underlying mental health problem. Examples could include depression or bipolar disorder.

For others, there may be different reasons. That’s why Promises focuses on a broad range of addiction therapies. Doing so ensures that every client receives the help they need. Examples include:

  • Medical detoxification that aids you not only with cocaine addiction but also poly-substance abuse
  • Eating disorder treatments, which are essential for clients with body image problems
  • Drug rehab for professionals who struggle with a unique set of stressors and triggers
  • Non-12 Step program participation that helps you if the traditional approach to relapse prevention doesn’t work
  • Men and women’s addiction treatment focuses on your inborn strengths to build on during recovery

Learn more about the Promises cocaine detox center and subsequent rehab program. You owe it to yourself to call 1.713.528.3709 now.