You’ve decided to quit heroin. However, you know it’s an uphill battle. Promises Treatment Centers offer a heroin detox center that helps people overcome drug addiction. Here’s how the detox process works.

Heroin Detox Starts with an Assessment

Therapist speaking to patient at a heroin detox centerOne of the common misconceptions is the notion that you simply sign up and undergo care. It’s not as easy as that. Instead, heroin detox center specialists give you a complete physical exam. Next, specialists do a psychological assessment.

Why do we do that? For starters, it’s essential to understand your overall health. If you need treatment for drug-related illnesses, the team has to know that. Besides that, therapists want to make sure that you’re in a reasonable frame of mind.

After the assessment, the therapist talks to you about customizing heroin detox programs to meet your needs. Because everyone’s different, Promises staff members personalize each care protocol. This means that your stay at the facility might have experiences that differ from someone else’s.

Heroin Detox Center Programs

When heroin addiction treatment center specialists put together your care protocol, they meet you at your point of need. Examples include:

  • Medical team monitoring around-the-clock to check vital signs and comfort levels
  • Medication-assisted treatment that eases withdrawal symptoms and pain
  • Pharmacological support for psychiatric conditions that come up during treatment
  • Massage therapy, which helps loosen muscles and ease cramping
  • Nutritional support that keeps up your strength and enables you to embrace a return to healthy living

Your stay at the heroin detox center lasts about a week. At that time, you go through the withdrawal and break the physical dependency. One morning, you wake up and no longer feel the signs of withdrawal. Although right now you can’t envision this day, it’ll come quickly.

That’s when it’s time to transfer from the heroin detox programs to a rehab protocol.

How is Rehab Different from Detox?

Your stay at the heroin detox center only ends the physical addiction. It doesn’t help you undo the psychological dependence on the opioid. You might discuss a little about what makes you use, but you don’t go into depth. At rehab, you do take the time to examine your reasons for using in-depth.

For example, participating in cognitive behavioral therapy is a great way to find dysfunctional patterns. From there, you have the opportunity to find healthy coping skills that overcome the dysfunction. A therapist works with you as you explore personal growth. These therapy sessions may take place during one-on-one times or in group settings.

Another treatment approach involves dual diagnosis treatment. While you’re still undergoing detox, you start this modality. You’ll probably continue during rehab. Because Promises operates a detox facility on the same campus as a rehab center, the transition is quick and easy.

You don’t have to wait to begin treatment. When you’re ready, you transfer to a new care protocol. Additional examples of modalities include:

  • 12 Step support group participation for the development of relapse prevention strategies
  • Family therapy, which assists loved ones with supporting your goal of long-term recovery
  • Dialectical behavior therapy that helps you regain emotional equilibrium
  • Experiential therapies such as equine-assisted treatment for personal growth
  • Holistic care approaches that might include acupuncture for overall wellness

Don’t Wait to Begin Your Recovery Journey

Heroin addiction is challenging to overcome on your own. But you don’t have to continue suffering. With the help of therapists, you have the option of breaking free from the dependency.

Because specialists help you determine useful relapse prevention tools, you’ll be in an excellent position for long-term recovery. Find out more about receiving care at our heroin detox center now. Contact Promises at 1.713.528.3709 now.