Xanax is a branded benzodiazepine, also called a benzo. Benzos treat multiple physical and mental health conditions, such as anxiety and panic disorder. Although these medications prove helpful in the short-term, long term use often leads to addiction. Whether you suffer addiction after prescribed use or from buying the drug on the streets, for safe withdrawal, you need help from a qualified Xanax detox center.

Promises in Austin, Texas, provides help for men and women suffering Xanax addiction, starting with Xanax detox programs. These programs provide you with a fresh start in sobriety, helping you get through the problematic benzo withdrawal process. Beyond detox, you learn how to maintain your recovery in the Xanax addiction treatment center at Promises.

About Xanax Withdrawal

Man in group therapy at his Xanax detox centerWhen you use Xanax, the drug works like other benzos in your brain. They enhance your brain’s use of GABA, a neurotransmitter that slows pathways of communication in your central nervous system related to relaxation. While this sounds complex, it basically means that using Xanax makes you feel intensely relaxed. Taking a large dose of Xanax leads to enhanced feelings of pleasure, relaxation, and even a state of euphoria.

Over time, extended use of your drug leads to tolerance. In order to feel its euphoric effects, you then must start using more Xanax, either taking doses more often or increasing your dosage per use. If you previously had a doctor’s prescription, increasing need likely forced you to satisfy your cravings and keep yourself from withdrawal by buying the drug illegally.

If you want to quit using your benzo after dependence sets in, you suffer withdrawal symptoms. Some of these effects are dangerous, such as seizures. Others prove highly uncomfortable, at the least. Because of the nature of these withdrawal symptoms, you need a professional medical staff in a licensed and experienced Xanax detox center.

Can You Die From Xanax Withdrawal?

The severity of Xanax withdrawal symptoms and your potential for serious medical complications depend on where you attempt a detox. If you try to go through home detox, you risk deadly consequences of your benzo withdrawal. People in your household do not have the skill or manpower to provide the 24-hour medical supervision, comfort, and care you need for good health throughout detox.

Instead of risking detox under less than adequate circumstances, seek help from a Xanax detox center. There is no reason to endure the discomfort, anxiety, stress, and health problems you can suffer when quitting your substance abuse. At home, you have no idea of which symptoms to expect in your own withdrawal. If seizures or other dangerous conditions occur, you need immediate help.

Licensed Xanax detox programs at Promises in Austin ensures your safety, comfort, and overall well-being under 24-hour medical supervision. These programs understand your fears, uncertainties, and struggles of addiction and the journey into early recovery. But with this support and care, you safely put your substance abuse behind you for the better life you deserve.

For example, symptoms of Xanax withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleeplessness and restlessness
  • Irritation or agitation
  • Lack of attention and poor memory
  • Muscle aches, tremors, and tension
  • Seizures

Promises’ Xanax Detox Center Gets You on the Path to Recovery

At Promises in Austin, you receive the medical supervision and services you need for healthy, safe, and comfortable withdrawal. This support and care extends into your drug rehab program, where you build lasting recovery.

For example, programs and services of Promises’ Xanax detox center include:

Talk to Promises in Austin today to learn more about available Xanax detox center treatment and rehab programs. You deserve your best chance of sustainable, lifelong recovery. Get this chance to conquer your addiction and create the life you always wanted at Promises by calling 1.713.528.3709 now.