Infidelity Trauma Treatment at Promises

man sits in the background as woman looks off into the distance concerned and needing a post infidelity stress disorder treatment centerInfidelity doesn’t only damage the soul of a marriage and family. It can leave wounds in both partners. The person who commits infidelity may feel intense shame and regret for what they’ve done. The cheater may also be a sex addict who repeats the same behaviors over and over.

The betrayed spouse or partner suffers from searing pain because their world is shattered by the cheating loved one. They feel destroyed by it. They obsess about the partner and the new person their partner has chosen. It feels as if they cannot go on facing traumatic stress as a betrayed spouse. If there are many affairs or sex addiction, it is even more devastating.

When to Seek Help

Some people cannot eat, sleep or function when faced with the pain of infidelity trauma. They cannot get images of the infidelity out of their head and they imagine the worst. Also, they may react by trying to catch the cheating partner in the act. They may track down the other man or woman. It could be by calling, confronting them or having a physical altercation. They may not even have a recollection of how they got to that point because they were acting out of rage. But no confrontations can soothe the damage of feeling unloved and abandoned.

Having a cheating loved one can turn people into unrecognizable versions of themselves. It can take a toll on their health, self-esteem, and sense of safety. Over time it can turn into post-infidelity stress disorder. This is a form of post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by affairs, including emotional affairs.

Finding Residential Treatment

Some clients we treat at Promises have experienced infidelity. They feel lost and angry. They worry about their own health and the well-being of their family. Some are recovering from PTSD after a physical or emotional affair. Others recently discovered their partner’s affair or sexual addiction. We gear individual, family and group therapy toward those issues.

We use the “trauma model” of treating spouses and partners of sex addicts. That means we treat our clients’ acute stress or post-infidelity stress disorder related to the betrayal. The primary focus of treatment is stabilization and psychoeducation. This is the beginning of trauma processing.

At Promises, we offer a supportive, nurturing environment where clients build resilience. We equip clients with the skills to navigate trauma triggers and help their nervous system stabilize. We can also help with marriage counseling and family therapy.

Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder Symptoms

Some people start crying at the mere mention of the infidelity. Others need depression treatment or anxiety treatment to cope. Some suffer from post-traumatic stress and need residential affair recovery help.

Many clinicians refer to the trauma inflicted by a partner’s infidelity as post-infidelity stress disorder. People struggling with this type of emotional trauma may have the following symptoms:

  • Replaying the betrayal over and over in their minds
  • Obsessive thoughts of their partner cheating on them
  • Unshakeable suspicion at benign occurrences
  • Feeling emotionally void or numb
  • Intense anger
  • Withdrawal from friends, family, and social activities
  • Depression or hopelessness
  • Insomnia
  • Hypervigilance
  • Substance abuse (using drugs or alcohol to cope)
  • Panic attacks

People who suffer from PTSD after an affair will need time to heal from the intense emotional trauma and feelings of betrayal. If trying to salvage the relationship, couples therapy may be necessary. The person must also take care of themselves. This may mean intensive outpatient treatment or an inpatient trauma treatment center. Residential treatment is especially important if co-occurring issues like substance abuse issues or eating disorders are present.

Loss of Trust

It’s hard for the betrayed spouse to learn to trust again. When a spouse is a few minutes late, they might panic and start checking computers and cell phones. They become wired to be hyper-alert. They worry that their spouse will cheat again and start crying over minor issues. After betrayal from the person they most love it’s hard to trust them, or anyone else. The constant worrying robs them of the joy they once felt. They may have trouble functioning in day-to-day life. At Promises we help people find the safety to trust again.

You Can Heal From Trauma

Infidelity trauma can be devastating, but you can recover. At Promises, our compassionate treatment team can bring you back to health and restore your sense of self-worth. Promises’ mental health professionals provide treatment for trauma and co-occurring mental health disorders. Start fresh today. Call for a free, confidential consultation: 1.713.528.3709.

Posted on July 21, 2017 and modified on April 27, 2019