Several of Promises’ residential drug rehab centers are ideally suited for licensed professionals such as physicians, airline pilots and attorneys as well as entrepreneurs and executives. Surrounded by other mature adults, you’ll benefit from quality care, comfortable surroundings and peers who take recovery seriously at our executive drug rehab center.

Levels of Care

We offer a full continuum of care so that your treatment experience is seamless. Some of our residential addiction treatment programs for professionals offer onsite drug or alcohol detox, drawing on the latest research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms as needed. Our Executive Drug Rehab Center can provide comprehensive assessments to determine if substance abuse and/or mental health disorders exist and the best treatment approach given the diagnosis. During inpatient professionals addiction treatment, you’ll learn and practice essential recovery skills and build a strong commitment to abstinence.

What to Expect in Professionals Drug Rehab

Drawing on decades of experience and research, treatment at Promises includes:

Multidisciplinary Evaluations – We use validated diagnostic criteria to provide you highly accurate and useful assessments. Our clinical team conducts thorough medical and psychological exams to confirm or revise previous diagnoses and tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Client-Oriented Treatment – With regular individual counseling sessions and a variety of therapies, treatment is personalized and relevant to your issues and life experiences. We address addiction as well as underlying mental health disorders that may have fueled your drug abuse.

Skilled Clinicians – Our team is comprised of seasoned addiction specialists who know how to work effectively and collaboratively with you, your referents and your family.

The Unique Needs of Addicted Professionals

a man stressed at work before starting a Executive Drug Rehab CenterDoctors, lawyers and other professionals struggle with addiction at similar rates as the general public or, in some cases, higher. In addition to unique job stresses and high expectations that increase their risk of addiction, they face several hurdles in getting the treatment they need. Many resist entering professionals drug rehab because they are concerned about their careers, licenses and reputations. As “high functioning” addicts, they are often able to hide the signs of a problem until their addiction has become severe. They may also believe they’re smart enough to recover from addiction on their own, without help.

When choosing a drug rehab, professionals need to know their specific needs will be met. Some of these needs include:

Expertise: You need to be able to rely on the people providing your care. When you choose a reputable professionals drug rehab with an established history and successful track record, you can fully immerse yourself in treatment. Promises is a name you can trust.

Privacy: Discretion is supremely important for professionals whose careers and reputations are on the line. Several of our Promises treatment centers have gated facilities and a range of amenities. All staff members are held to the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality.

A Community of Peers: Professionals often are best able to focus on their own recovery in residential drug rehabs that cater to like-minded adults. In a supportive environment among peers, you will feel understood and comfortable sharing personal stories.

Continuing Care: Through aftercare planning, we’ll support you as you transition out of residential addiction treatment and back into the workplace.

Which Professions Have the Highest Rates of Drug Abuse?

Some professions have particularly high rates of substance abuse. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the professions at the greatest risk of drug addiction include:

  • Food preparation/food service – 17.4%
  • Construction – 15.1%
  • Arts/design/sports/entertainment – 12.4%
  • Sales – 9.6%
  • Maintenance/repair/installation – 9.5%
  • Farming/fishing/forestry – 9.6%
  • Shipping/transportation – 8.4%
  • Building maintenance – 8.2%
  • Personal service – 7.7%
  • Administrative – 7.5%

The goal of professionals drug rehab is to help you return to work, with a new outlook on life.

It’s Time for Change

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