At Promises Scottsdale, we know that healing from substance abuse and mental health issues requires clients to be fully engaged in their treatment. Our customized programs are designed to heal the whole person and inspire you by tailoring therapies to your needs. This way, you can stay actively engaged throughout your treatment.

Some of the ways our Scottsdale behavioral health center stands out from others include:

Personalized Care

Our small client population allows us to get to know each and every client. You’ll receive a personalized treatment plan, including frequent individual therapy sessions and small therapeutic and educational groups. If one therapy isn’t resonating with you, we’ll introduce others until we find a match.

Comprehensive Mental Health Treatment

We are licensed and trained to treat a range of mental health disorders, whether these occur with or without addiction. We treat conditions such as anxiety, intimacy disorders, personality disorders, and depression and other mood disorders. You’ll work with our psychiatric team and licensed, specially trained clinicians to learn how to manage mental health conditions and address underlying issues that may contribute to them.

Gender-Separate Treatment

We believe that treatment is most effective without the distractions and inhibitions same-gender treatment can bring. All of our programs and residences are gender-separate, providing you a secure, nurturing environment where you can address underlying issues, share freely and focus on recovering.

Setting That Promotes Change and Growth

Our facilities are comfortable and inviting. A nurturing setting and women-only/men-only programming and residences provide a safe space to heal. Amenities such as spacious rooms, gourmet chefs, seasonal pools and fitness options ensure your comfort so you can focus on recovery. We pay attention to those extra touches that make Promises Scottsdale feel like home.

A Truly Holistic Approach

Promises Scottsdale is a holistic treatment center. We take an integrative approach, recommending traditional and alternative approaches such as well-balanced meals, yoga, meditation and equine therapy to promote recovery and overall health and wellness.

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Intensive Family Involvement

Because your support system at home is an essential part of recovery, we integrate family into treatment. Our weekly family program gives you and your loved ones opportunities to participate in individual and group therapy sessions designed to improve communication and support your long-term recovery. We also offer a full day of programming each month for family members. Loved ones learn about addiction and mental health disorders, family roles and the family system theory of addiction, as well as how to best support you while taking care of themselves.

Specialized Clinical Team

You’ll work with a multidisciplinary team that includes a medical director specially trained in a biopsychosocial approach to addiction and psychiatric conditions. Your treatment team also includes psychiatrists, licensed therapists and addiction counselors, and clinicians specially trained in areas such as trauma.

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Wide Range of Therapeutic Approaches

We offer traditional, experiential and alternative therapies so you have multiple ways to heal. From individual and group therapy to yoga, art therapy, equine therapy, Toltec wisdom groups and mindfulness, you’ll explore many different methods of addressing difficult emotions and enhancing your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Focus on Total Health and Wellness

Addiction and mental health issues touch every aspect of your life. We believe treatment should do the same. At our Arizona rehab center, we take a truly integrative approach to health care, recommending activities and lifestyle changes that will promote your overall health and well-being. You’ll eat nutritious, well-balanced meals prepared by our chef. You may try yoga or meditation or start a fitness regimen. We’ll help you make lifestyle changes that can be part of your life both during and after treatment, helping you preserve your recovery as well as your health.

Treatment for Underlying Issues

Alcohol and drug abuse and unhealthy relationship patterns are often maladaptive coping skills. If we don’t address the issues that motivated you to use these means to cope, we can’t give you the tools you need to succeed. Rather than putting bandages on symptoms, our goal is to identify and treat the root causes of your issues along with all of the areas of your life that have been impacted by them.

Trauma-Focused Treatment

Our clinicians are specially trained to help clients dig under the surface of their symptoms and uncover and heal from underlying trauma that could be contributing to destructive behaviors. Trauma-focused therapies like EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy and psychodrama help clients explore trauma and develop resilience and healthy coping skills they can draw upon in recovery.