Residential Treatment Centers and Inpatient Drug Rehab

Addiction treatment takes many forms, but the most effective treatment is a residential treatment program that offers not only help with the detox process, but also addresses the underlying issues and causes for the addiction.

Many times people reach out for help by asking to simply detox off the drugs. They believe the addiction is only about their physical dependence and that once the drug is out of the system they are going to start fresh and stop using. This does not take into consideration the considerable physical and psychological changes that have occurred as the user has continued to abuse drugs, often for many years.

When you abuse drugs for long periods of time your body and brain change. For example, chemicals in your brain that determine how you feel – happy, sad – have been short-circuited by drugs that essentially took over for these chemicals. It can take your brain some time to re-learn how to appropriately respond to the environment. This is why it is absolutely critical that you learn specific skills to live without those mood-altering drugs. The early part of recovery is the most difficult in terms of cravings and mood. Without developing skills and tools to deal with these feelings and mood changes, you are at high risk for relapse.

Detox is the first step, but frankly, it is a very small part of the process of becoming drug free. While it is commendable that you have made the decision to detox with a treatment center, it is unrealistic to believe this will be enough to keep you clean for any length of time.

The best residential addiction treatment programs focus on not just the removal of drugs from the system, but the psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of the person who was using drugs. That trilogy of mind, body, and spirit is the underlying foundation for how you live your life. If any of these three is out of balance, the other two are impacted.

Think about it – if you are depressed, doesn’t your physical health change? You might feel sluggish, tired, without energy. When you are sad, you might feel like sleeping. When you are anxious, you might feel like you can’t sit still. If you have a feeling of utter aloneness and sense no meaning to your life, it also changes how you feel physically. These three aspects of being human are inextricably intertwined.

This is why at Promises our inpatient drug rehab  focuses on all the pieces that make a person function well in the world. We focus on fitness and nutrition so your body begins to heal. We offer process groups to work on depression or anxiety so you understand the causes and ways to improve your mood without drugs or alcohol without using intoxicating substances. As your body heals, your mind and spirit are attended to on a daily basis.

If you or a loved one has a strong desire to live life a new way, we strongly encourage you to contact Promises to speak with an intake specialist. For over two decades we have provided holistic addiction treatment that gives the addicted person the best opportunity for success when they return home.

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