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5 Signs Your Teen Is Using Marijuana

When you are the parent of a teen, you will probably find that the behavior of your child during the adolescent years is filled with a lot of unpredictability. At times you may wonder if your teen’s odd behavior is a sign of experimenting with substances. A commonly abused substance is marijuana, and although it may be easy to tell if your teen is smoking pot, the signs of marijuana use are sometimes subtle. Here are some signs to look for.
excessive sleeping

Excessive Sleepiness and Lethargy

Excessive sleeping and the urge to lay around all the time aren’t examples of typical teen behavior. When your teen is frequently motionless or staring at the ceiling, he or she could be dabbling in marijuana or some other drugs.

Excessive Hunger and Snacking

Constant snacking is a clue that your teen might be smoking pot, because marijuana contains a chemical which stimulates the appetite.

Using Strong Scents and Eye Drops

If you aren’t picking up on the scent of pot around your teen, you might instead be overpowered by other strong scents, such as perfumes, mouthwash or breath mints. Your teen may take up burning incense. He or she may be continually using eye drops to cover up bloodshot eyes.

Getting the Giggles

It’s definitely a lot more fun to be around a teen who is giggly and cheerful rather than one who is agitated and depressed, but if your teen is dissolving into hysterical laughter on a regular basis, particularly at inappropriate times, there might be a chemical cause for this hysteria.

Unable to Pay Attention

If your teen can’t seem to follow a conversation or a simple set of instructions, this could be another red flag indicating the use of marijuana or other substances.

Although marijuana use is now legal in some states, when you notice excessive sleeping or hunger or some of the other common signs of marijuana use, it might be time for a talk with your teen. There are some dangers associated with the use of marijuana including breathing problems, increased heart rate and paranoia. There is also some evidence that marijuana use can impair brain development and prevent your child from meeting his or her full potential.



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Posted on February 22nd, 2017
Posted in Articles, Teens

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