High Rate of Alcohol Abuse Among Surgeons

Alcoholism and high stress jobs often go hand in hand and the medical field is no stranger to pressure at the work place. A new study indicated that 15 percent of surgeons experience some sort of problem with alcohol compared with nine percent of the rest of the population.

Those that conducted the study admit the population they studied was relatively small in scope, but it does give some indication of the pressure surgeons are under and how they are able to cope.

Female surgeons are more likely than males to suffer from alcoholism. Researchers learned that balancing work and life seemed to be more difficult for women than men.

The researchers did not delve into why surgeons were more likely to be alcoholics, but they were able to determine that those who were suffering with the disease were also struggling with depression and burnout on the job.

Of the surgeons who responded to the survey they were also more likely to admit having recently committed a major medical error.

The research conducted leaves room for concern that if there is a direct link to surgeons, alcoholism and medical mistakes, the healthcare field should do something to help those that suffer with this problem from impacting others.

A surgeon's work is intricate in nature and he or she must always be focused and have a clear mind. Their mistake could cause extreme issues or death to their patients and being under the influence of alcohol is a dangerous combination for anyone while they are on the job.

For the medical field to be aware of these new statistics is a start in the right direction, but what they do to help prevent future problems may be the bigger impact they have. When healthcare is so focused on helping others, those who work in the business cannot be forgotten.

Posted on February 29th, 2012
Posted in Abused Drugs

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