Drinking Journal Helps Alcoholics Set Their Own Goals

Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it. This rings true for those suffering from alcohol addiction and a new study suggests individuals with a drinking problem keep a journal to see how much they are drinking. According to a recent news article, in this journal, they would write down how many drinks they have.

The daily task is very similar to those who keep a food journal to control calorie intakes. Writing down how many drinks in a journal is very therapeutic in itself but it can also help the alcoholic realize their intake and help them achieve their goals. It's easy to tell someone to drink less but this daily task helps them visualize it more.

As the United States heads into a controversial new horizon of mandated health care, the United Kingdom is working on a new government directive to lessen alcohol consumption. But UK physicians are currently working on how best to advise patients in a way that really helps them. How should doctors give advice to their patients regarding alcohol consumption?

Susan Michie, a lead author of the recent study, says that it is best to advise people on how to achieve success rather than tell them. Seeing their own notes puts a more realistic plan in place. In some interventions, Michie says that the "drinking journal" can raise awareness of drinking behaviors and help the individual to set limits.

However, advice on drinking behaviors isn't always bad. Individuals should be well aware of the dangers of drinking excessively coupled with the need to boost self confidence and how to avoid the abundance of social cues that inhibit drinking.

Posted on April 7th, 2012
Posted in Abused Drugs

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