Six out of Ten Male Drug Addicts Abuse Their Partners

A new study from the University of Granada has found that six out of ten male drug addicts abuse their female partners, both physically and psychologically. The study found that between 6.5 and 72.4 percent of the population has admitted committing some form of violence against their partner. Physical violence was between 6.5 percent and 21 percent, and psychological violence was between 7.3 percent and 72.4 percent.

The study found that 51 percent of male drug addicts are aware that they are committing violence against their partners, and even though they know their violence is deeply affecting their partners, they are not willing to stop or allow their partner to abandon them.

The research, led by Amelia Matute López and Professor Andrés Soriano Díaz, also found that psychological violence was more frequent than physical violence among the respondents. The most common forms of violence were personal control, sexual abuse, emotional neglect, emotion blackmail, disregard for their partner’s ideology or religion, gender-based abuse, and social isolation.

The authors examined 152 men between the ages of 20 and 65, all of whom were engaged in drug rehab in Andalusia, and all of whom abused cocaine, heroin, alcohol, or heroin and cocaine. The participants were given a questionnaire about spousal abuse.

The study found that 78.8 percent of the couples separated, although the separation was usually temporary. López said that despite the negative effect on their health and well-being, women stay in these abusive relationships because of the pressure placed on them by their male partners and the romantic myths of unconditional and imbalanced love.

These findings could help researchers better understand gender-based violence and its association with drug addiction, and could help prevent domestic abuse by providing drug addiction treatment to at-risk patients.

Source: Science Daily, Six out of 10 Male Drug Addicts Abuse Their Partners, Spanish Study Finds, March 3, 2011

Posted on March 10th, 2011
Posted in Abused Drugs

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