Stress is Contributing Factor to Addiction Among Women

A recent study was conducted in India among women ages 31- 40 years old about the impact of stress on their lives. The researchers found that stress was the single biggest factor contributing to their addictions to alcohol, anti-depressants, substance abuse and sleeping pills, according to the recent article.

The study was conducted over a two year period and completed on 371 women between the ages of 18 through 60 years old who underwent addiction treatment at one of four centers in the past seven years. The study's goal was to spread the awareness of addiction and create empathy for those who are caught in addictions or were previously. The largest group of women comprising the cases was in the 31 to 40 year age group of the cases studied.

The key factors leading to their addictions were marital discord, peer pressure, the stigma of divorce, stress and the abuse experienced from relatives. Family members tried such things as physical abuse, starvation and even witchcraft to try to cure them of their addiction. Researchers consulted with experts in addiction treatment for this study and generally found that people afflicted with addiction, whether men or women, tended to cover up their addictions from their family members rather than seek help immediately.

Addicted people did have a tough time accepting that they needed help, said the chairwoman for one addiction center. She added that the study did not reveal data for specific parameters because they didn't find details on the reasons behind the stress leading them to their addiction. Researchers were not allowed to have direct contact with women in treatment at three of the centers.

The study is ongoing and researchers hope to publish the final outcome of the study soon.

Posted on March 29th, 2012
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