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Addiction Treatment Success Rates

One question we are often asked is what is your success rate. There are addiction treatment programs who declare they have a very high success rate, sometimes even claiming a cure rate, with little real evidence to back this up. Anecdotal evidence does not equal an addiction treatment success rate. However, there are other ways to measure success.

We measure our success by the health of our alumni network - the men and women who continue to participate in activities and maintain a connection to Promises. We have one of the most extensive alumni networks in the country for a reason: we have been around for over 20 years and we create strong bonds with our clients. They understand how their initial addiction treatment at Promises helped them succeed in recovery.

Locally in the Los Angeles area our alumni are very active. Many continue to attend Promises groups long after leaving the treatment program. Many of these alumni feel so strongly about the treatment they received at Promises that they become what we call Alumni Ambassadors. They serve as liaisons for current clients and offer their insights and stories of their experiences to help newcomers find their way in sobriety.

Some might tell you there is a cure for addiction. We can get tangled up in the semantics of this statement, but the truth is all research and evidence points to the fact that addiction is a disease that can be put in remission through rigorous a addiction treatment program and ongoing maintenance. Addiction is not “cured” per se, because a cure would imply you would no longer be at risk for abusing substances. Recovery from addiction might be compared to recovery from high blood pressure – as long as you maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and follow your physician’s recommendations, you can bring your blood pressure into the normal range. However, if you start eating junk food again, become more sedentary, increase your salt intake, and ignore your physician’s advice, your blood pressure will sky rocket again.

Research shows the more time someone spends in addiction treatment the better their chances of success. Although 30 days of in-patient treatment is the norm, we believe offering continued services improves your chances of recovery from addiction. This is why Promises offers strong after-care options with referrals to clinicians in your area. If you live locally, we offer one of the most comprehensive outpatient programs available, including an open-ended family program to help your loved ones understand the process of addiction recovery.

Over the last 20 years, Promises has seen many successes and many of our alumni are happy to share their stories with those seeking answers about the effectiveness of our addiction treatment program. Please speak with an intake specialist to learn more.

Posted on April 14th, 2010

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