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Overcoming Fear of Drug Detox

It sometimes happens that a person becomes fed up with their own addiction struggle long before they seek help and freedom. Usually it is a fear of what drug detox and treatment will be like that keeps them stuck in their negative cycle of dependency. Fear of the unknown is a real stumbling block. However, the best antidote for this kind of fear is knowledge. Following are some of the most frequent fears and the truth about what can be expected.

Fear of Separation

If a person is planning to enter a residential drug detox facility, they may fear being separated from loved ones during an emotionally trying process. Entering a new environment with new faces can seem frightening. The truth is, if the addict doesn't get treatment, the drug or alcohol addiction will eventually separate them from loved ones anyway.

Fear of Detox

At some point in their addiction the person felt symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms were unpleasant and were quickly halted by consuming another dose of the substance. The fear of drug detox where symptoms continue unabated is overpowering. The truth is that withdrawal is different for each person and that most residential facilities have a staff on hand to do everything possible to make detox as comfortable as possible.

Fear of Being Embarrassed

Addicts can manage to hide their problem from friends and loved ones for a while. Entering drug detox means admitting their problem to everyone. The truth is, the longer the addict continues, the harder their actions will be to hide and the more likely it is that addiction-related behaviors will embarrass them and others.

Fear of Helplessness

People start abusing drugs or alcohol for a reason. One reason is that the substance masks a feeling of helplessness and instead makes them feel confident. Addicts may fear losing this false confidence and being left with the old helpless feeling. The truth is, the drug detox and rehab will help them conquer the sense of helplessness and give them a real confidence.

Fear of Getting Fat

Sometimes drug abuse began as a way to lower ones appetite and lose weight. The fear of giving up drugs is that the person will regain weight. The truth is, new and healthier weight management strategies can be learned.

Fear of Transparency

Most people know that drug detox will require them to talk about feelings and behaviors at some point. It may be frightening to open old wounds and addicts may dread talking about shameful things they have done. The truth is, treatment does bring to light things that are festering in the dark. However, many others at rehab have the very same feelings of fear, guilt and shame. They won't be alone.

Fear of Failure

Perhaps the greatest fear is that they will enter the program and not succeed. Sometimes relapses do occur. Addicts may fear that if they fail, their loved ones will become disappointed and will consider them hopeless. The truth is, many centers offer counseling for families and loved ones right alongside the treatment and counseling being provided for the addict.

No matter what it is that a person fears about entering drug detox and rehab, keep in mind that the consequences of continuing an addiction are far worse.

Posted on April 27th, 2012

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