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Recovering Addicts Connecting Online Through Social Networking

Addiction treatment centers, including Promises Treatment Centers, are now utilizing online social networking capabilities to get recovery groups talking and sharing in a new forum. Thanks to the innovative Social Solutioning Platform of OneRecovery™ (, recovering addicts, their friends and loved ones, and professional health care providers can become unified in a central, real-time discussion forum that provides constant support to recovering addicts and enables patients to continue recovery efforts after rehabilitation. OneRecovery’s online and mobile social network technologies help addiction treatment physicians, colleagues, and their clients increase health and wellness and effectively reduce the cost of health care. OneRecovery is the first online community for addiction treatment and is revolutionizing addiction medicine and recovery for rehabilitation centers nationwide.

OneRecovery’s Social Solutioning Platform has already been integrated into the addiction recovery program at Promises Treatment Centers. Health care provider Aetna Behavioral Health  is also providing OneRecovery’s social networking program to many of the substance abuse treatment facilities within its network. Nearly 248 million Americans (approximately 75% of the population) are members of an online social networking community. Modern health facilities have been using the Internet, social networking technologies, and online community databases for doctors, pharmacists, and patients to exchange information.

Statistically, online social communities have demonstrated significant positive health benefits for individuals suffering from diseases and their families by bringing those together who can relate through their experiences, share information, and support one another. Now the technology has reached behavioral health, and it’s making a huge impact. OneRecovery provides a free, safe, and secure social network community for all members of behavioral health who seek to improve wellness and successful aftercare results. By providing connectivity and collaboration between recovering addicts, their physicians, and their supporters, the social media technology has achieved a successful, full-time behavioral modification solution.

Members of the OneRecovery social community are able to use the advanced online social technology to adjust their personal privacy settings to their comfort level, set personal goals for themselves, monitor their progress, participate in individual and group chats, share stories and information in interactive blogs and forums, access the latest resources, receive news on upcoming events, and explore the many other multimedia recovery tools. Social networking provides an open forum unlike traditional recovery methods like scheduled in-person therapy, phone conversations, or textbook doctor checkups. The social network is available at any time and engages members instantaneously; recovery patients are more likely to express themselves in the welcoming online social platform than any other recovery treatment environment, bolstering insightful social engagement and progress.

Furthermore, physicians are kept abreast of their patients’ recovery efforts, emotions, behavior, and struggles so that immediate action can be taken when needed. Physicians can provide feedback to their clients and report on outcome data. The additional real-time mobile technology assists the chain of medical professionals, family members, and friends of each individual member with multimedia intervention methods. If a OneRecovery member shows signs of at-risk behavior in their personal interactions online, their support community is alerted so that they may immediately and proactively respond to the member’s needs and advance accountability. Each recovery patient is provided with continual support throughout and after their treatment, which assures higher levels of recovery and less risk of relapse during aftercare. The implementation of this free behavioral modification platform effectively diminishes the cost of health care and helps saves lives.

OneRecovery was conceptualized in 2007 by Founder and CEO David Metzler, who is a recovering addict. From his experience with addiction and recovery, Metzler desired to assist other recovering addicts with this innovative solution to behavioral modification and addiction treatment. Social networking has become a powerful tool in today’s world, and should be taken advantage of by professionals wishing to reach their most crucial patients and extend health care solutions. OneRecovery’s program has proven clinical success and its popularity is quickly growing. The interactive, informative social network for recovering addicts joins clinical addiction medicine methodologies with the patients’ abilities to openly and trustingly achieve recovery and maintain support. Visit to learn more.

Posted on April 16th, 2010

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