The Importance of Family Support

When people develop an alcohol or drug addiction, it not only affects them, but their loved ones as well. The staff at Promises Austin can help guests and their families come together and start the recovery process by guiding them in effective ways to support one another to have a successful outcome.

One of the major concerns for family members of a recovering guest in long-term rehab is how they can help. Family support can help bring a sense of belonging to an addicted person. It can eliminate the feeling of being alone, and build a dependency on family support rather than drug or alcohol addiction. The best things loved ones can do are educate themselves, initiate conversations about concerns, and discover how they can help. When family members make the effort to help and offer support, the stages of recovery come much easier.

Promises Austin offers a Family Program to teach those directly involved with guests at the rehab center. The Family Program includes lectures and films about various dynamics of the disease of addiction, defining family roles, establishing healthy boundaries, group therapy sessions, discussion groups, and other activities. These activities encourage open and safe discussions about how alcohol and drug addiction has affected lives. Family involvement is an important aspect of comprehensive, holistic recovery. Most often, guests have lost the ability to effectively communicate with their loved ones, causing a gap that can create obstacles to recovery. Family weekends are one way to restore healthy communication, deal with hurt feelings, and explore relationships in the comfort of a luxurious rehab center.

Promises Austin offers an intensive family weekend to help all families with the journey of recovery and healing. It consists of a three-day weekend program that is supportive, educational, and healing. For a sample Family Weekend Schedule, click here. For more information on admission to Promises Austin, please call 830.798.2220 or click here.


Posted on August 2nd, 2012

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