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Can You Enjoy Memorial Day Without Drinking?

Do you remember last Memorial Day? The weather was perfect. And there you were, down by the beach, enjoying the smell of chicken on the barbeque, fresh air and salt water. You could hear joyful sounds... food sizzling on the grill... loud music... the laughter of children... the roar of a jet ski. Family and friends were all around, anticipating an enjoyable day of good food, good people, fun and relaxation.
Can You Enjoy Memorial Day Without Drinking?

And then it happened. The same thing that always happens. Something triggered you to go overboard, partying a little too hard. What set you off? It might have been the sound of a beer can popping open, or the smell of a mixed drink. It might have been the musical sound of ice cubes tinkling in a glass or the aroma of a joint being lit up.

You might have fuzzy memories of struggling to keep your car on the road. You might remember falling face down in the pond, insulting an aunt you never liked, staggering, falling or knocking things over. You might remember getting sick. You might have picked a fight with someone. Or maybe you remember next to nothing.

You may have heard stories from other people who were at the Memorial Day party last year. They take great pleasure in telling you what an idiot you made of yourself. Some of them avoid talking to you. Others may think it’s funny.

In your heart, you probably know it’s not funny.

Getting Ready for Memorial Day

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There’s something about Memorial Day that means summer has arrived. And summer means relaxation and fun. It means you can let your hair down and finally let loose. The problem is, once you start letting loose, you probably keep going.

A long weekend usually gives people an excuse to have get-togethers, and where there are get-togethers, there is usually alcohol. Wanting to have a little something to help you relax is pretty common. Everything is fine as long as you’re happy having just a little.

But a lot of people can’t have just a little bit of anything. Asking them to drink only a little is like asking them to breathe only a little.

If you’re like them, you know that if you have one drink, you’re probably going to have a lot of drinks. For someone who has a problem with alcohol or drugs, picking up a drink or a drug means you’re off and running. There’s no telling where you’ll end up or with whom.

You may go to a get-together intending with all your heart not to drink. Then someone comes along and tells you, “Oh, come on. Loosen up. You can have just one or two.” The problem is, you can’t just have one or two. You know it. They know it. Everybody knows it.

Drinking and drugging come naturally to you. You probably can’t even imagine going to a family gathering if alcohol and drugs aren’t present. How can you stand hanging around with your family? How can you have any fun?

Where Your Drinking Hasn’t Brought You... Yet

There’s something else to consider when you think about letting loose on Memorial Day. Maybe the embarrassing moments you had last year aren’t as bad as it could get. Maybe this year you’ll upset your significant other enough that he or she leaves you.

Maybe this year instead of swerving on the road, you’ll run over a child on a bicycle.Maybe you’ll flip your car over and end up dead. Maybe you’ll make a drug purchase and wind up in jail. If you think these things won’t happen to you just because they haven’t yet, think again. Alcoholism and addiction are insidious and deadly diseases.

If you’re not an alcoholic, it shouldn’t bother to give up drinking for the day. If you are an alcoholic, the worst thing that could happen may still be in your future.

Memorial Day doesn’t need to be an excuse to drink. You can choose not to drink. If you find that you’ve lost the power to choose not to pick up a drink, maybe it’s time to ask for help.

Posted on May 22nd, 2014
Posted in Alcohol Abuse

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