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College Students and Binge Drinking During Holiday Breaks: Tips on How to Stay Safe

College is a time of exploring, creating friendships and networking to build a future career for yourself. However, most college students at one time or another are likely to experience parties and binge drinking with friends and other students who are enrolled in local and nearby colleges.

Understanding how to stay safe and avoid potential risks and fatalities during college breaks when drinking is imperative to keep those you know along with yourself safe at all times. Consider these tips:

  • Drink with sober friends. When you’re planning to drink at a college party or event, doing so with friends who are sober is highly advisable. Having friends who are sober throughout an entire evening is a way to ensure you have another individual looking out for you and a ride without having to call a cab or a car service. Drinking with sober friends is also a way to understand when it’s time to call it quits or head back to your home or dorm, especially if you’re planning to drink throughout the entire evening.
  • Pace yourself. Any time you’re drinking during a college break, it’s important to avoid drinking too quickly by pacing yourself. When you learn to pace yourself while drinking, it’s much easier to maintain control of yourself and your surroundings regardless of the atmosphere and environment you’re in.
  • Avoid heavy liquor. Whenever you’re out at a college party or event, be sure to avoid drinking heavy liquor when possible. If you want to avoid blackouts and other potential risks such as injuries and overdose, avoid taking shots and instead stick to light drinks and coolers to pace yourself. Even if your friends and others at a party are taking shots, resisting them is a way to ensure you keep your body from quickly becoming dehydrated.

The more alcohol the body begins to absorb, the more difficult it becomes for the respiratory system to work, thus triggering depression in breathing. It’s also important to watch and monitor any friends you’re drinking with during breaks to ensure they have control over their bodies while they’re enjoying themselves. Always be sure to have additional phones available and reliable transportation while enjoying yourself on holiday breaks from college.

If you or someone you know is struggling with binge drinking during college breaks, consider contacting a health professional for assistance in beginning to live sober.

Posted on December 26th, 2014
Posted in Alcohol Abuse

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