Study Shows Happy Hour Prices Associated with Pub Violence

A study by researchers at Cardiff University has found a link between happy hour and pub violence. The study also found that pub staff members need to do more to stop intoxicated customers from continuing to drink.

For the study, the researchers examined pubs and nightclubs with a history of violence in five town and cities in the United Kingdom. Those entering and leaving the pub or nightclub were given breathalyzer tests, and the team collected data about the price of beer and drink promotions at each location. They linked the findings to police and hospital data regarding assaults taking place inside or close to the pubs or nightclubs.

The researchers found that pubs or nightclubs with the highest levels of violence were most likely to have the greatest change in levels of intoxication between entrance and exit, as well as price promotions on alcoholic beverages (such as happy hour prices). They also found that simply observing customers staggering or slurring their speech was an accurate way to predict the level of intoxication determined by the breathalyzer test.

Lead author Dr. Simon Moore, of Cardiff University’s Violence and Society Research Group, said that the study shows that alcohol abuse and violence are not simply caused by the drinkers “weaknesses”—instead, the way in which pubs and nightclubs are run also contributes to alcohol abuse and violence.

Dr. Moore added that the legislation requiring bar staff to stop serving those who are already intoxicated should be more thoroughly enforced, and that their study shows that these customers are not difficult to identify, as staggering and slurring are strong indicators of intoxication.

He noted that measures restricting price promotions and enforcing safe drinking would benefit city centers and their inhabitants.

Source: Science Daily, Happy Hour Linked to Pub Violence, March 4, 2011

Posted on March 4th, 2011
Posted in Alcohol Abuse

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