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Mouth Spray Gets You Drunk Instantly

Binge drinking is already a well known concern on college campuses throughout the United States but now there is a new mouth spray that allows you to get drunk in a matter of seconds.

Supposedly, you can sober up just as quickly too. According to a recent article, the new gadget is administered through an aerosol spray much like the breath freshener Bianca.

Users will feel drunk briefly and sober up quickly. The makers of the gadget claim the damage is limited because you do sober up so rapidly. Unfortunately, however quickly you may recover from the spray, your drunken state could lead to accidents.

It is also unclear exactly how the gadget may be misused by alcohol abusers, namely alcoholics. Makers claim the feelings only lasts a few seconds and after it fades away you are then sober and may carry on with your regular day.

The alcohol sensation, referred to as the "Wahh Quantum Sensation" delivers a minuscule amount of alcohol, just 0.075ml. The spray has an aerosol effect and is instantaneous being delivered directly in the mouth.

While a typical alcoholic drink contains 40 to 60 ml of alcohol, scientists believe you would need to spray a thousand times in order to get the equivalent quantity of alcohol into your digestive system.

The two scientists who designed the spray claim the advantages are to simply enjoy the drunken sensation without the harmful effects alcohol can have on your body.

The spray was recently unveiled in Paris, France and French designer, Philippe Starck claims the Wahh offers an alternative to the idea of intoxication but without the harmful side effects.

The product will be on sale in Europe first and sells for 20 Euros but UK plans for distribution have not been released yet.

Posted on May 18th, 2012
Posted in Alcohol Abuse

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