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50 Celebrities Who Don’t Drink Alcohol

Wild partying and free-flowing alcohol have long been part of the entertainment culture. There are plenty of tabloid images of stars stumbling around after they’ve had too much to drink as well as an endless parade of mug shots of those arrested for DUIs.
sober celebrities

Drinking and stardom might seem to go hand in hand. However, you may be surprised to discover that there are many sober celebrities. Some didn’t like it, and some gave up drinking when they realized how bad it was for them and their careers. Others found themselves addicted to alcohol at one point and gave up drinking so they could find their way into recovery.

Who Are the Sober Celebrities?

Here are some familiar names of actors, rock stars and other celebrities who gave up alcohol:

  1. Daniel Radcliffe. The iconic star of “Harry Potter” has publicly shared that he struggled with alcoholism but gave up drinking a month after the final Harry Potter film wrapped.
  1. Jennifer Lopez. The famous actress and singer is a sober celebrity who does not imbibe because she doesn’t like what alcohol does to her skin.
  1. Joe Manganiello. Known for his fitness and physique, the “Magic Mike” star was homeless and broke when he gave up drinking and began to focus on building his career.
  1. Bradley Cooper. The star of the popular “Hangover” franchise has shared that he was a heavy drinker. He’s been quoted as saying he gave up drinking in 2004 because it was bad for his career.
  1. Robert Downey, Jr. Although his struggles with addiction were public and widely reported, he settled into sobriety and went on to become Iron Man and has been sober for more than 10 years.
  1. Russel Brand. The British funnyman has been open about both his alcohol and sex addictions and uses his past to help others.
  1. Kim Kardashian West. Her family says she’s never been interested in drinking alcohol.
  1. Jim Carrey. The comedian and actor is so serious about his no addictive substances rule that he doesn’t drink anything, even coffee.
  1. Common. The popular rapper and actor maintains his sobriety.
  1. Tyra Banks. The supermodel turned talk show host says she never had an addictive personality and only tasted alcohol once in her life.
  1. Kristen Davis. The “Sex and the City” star revealed she drank in her younger years but let it go when she realized it was a detriment to her career.
  1. Lana Del Ray. The singer gave up drinking alcohol after a struggle in her teens.
  1. Jada Pinkett Smith. Although no stranger to alcohol in the past, she says she hasn’t touched liquor since the 90s.
  1. Christina Ricci. She gave up drinking in her 20s, opting for a great career over imbibing.
  1. Naomi Campbell. Being a supermodel exposed her to plenty of substances but she says she gave up alcohol to be happier.
  1. Leona Lewis. She says she hates the taste of alcohol.
  1. Lucy Hale. The “Pretty Little Liars” star says cutting her hair led her to cut out alcohol.
  1. Jack Osborne. The son of Sharon and Ozzy had a public bout with addiction on their infamous reality show but he’s celebrating 15 years sober.
  1. Kelly Osbourne. She says she self-soothed with alcohol when both of her famous parents were ill but she’s been sober for seven years.
  1. Rob Lowe. The one-time teen star credits his wife for inspiring his sobriety and supporting him in a rich work and family life.
  1. Eva Mendes. The talented actress opened up about her time in drug rehab in 2008.
  1. Macklemore. He struggled with alcohol in his teens but got sober in his 20s, opting for a successful rapping career over drinking.
  1. Blake Lively. The star of “Gossip Girl” has said she has no interest in alcohol or other drugs.
  1. Kendrick Lamar. He may sing about alcohol and drugs in his rap songs, but he doesn’t touch them and advocates against them.
  1. Andy Murray. He dabbled with drinking in his teens but the British tennis star wanted to go far in his sport and gave it up.
  1. Pharrell Williams. Alcohol is one thing that does not make the “Happy” singer happy.
  1. Mathew Perry. The “Friends” star struggled publicly with alcohol addiction and now he helps others get sober.
  1. Sarah Silverman. The funny lady never drinks because it hurts her stomach.
  1. Dane Cook. The comedian is said to be intensely anti-alcohol.
  1. Eminem. The rapper has openly struggled with alcohol addiction but is sober today.
  1. Gerard Butler. He’s been sober for 20 years after an earlier struggle with drugs and alcohol.
  1. Kat Von D. The tattoo artist and reality television star says she is celebrating sobriety.
  1. Chris Martin. Though his band Coldplay did their share of drinking in their day, the rocker lives sober now.
  1. Ewan McGregor. The actor said a lightbulb went off in his brain one day and he stopped drinking.
  1. Kelly Preston. The actress gave up drinking, drugs and smoking to be a better parent.
  1. Kathy Griffin. The comedian says she hates alcohol due to choking on it as a child.
  1. Jennifer Hudson. One time “American Idol” contestant turned super star says she has never had or wanted a sip of alcohol.
  1. Colin Farrell. He struggled with alcohol in his early career in the United States but now he opts for yoga and hikes.
  1. Keith Urban. The country music star credits his wife Nicole Kidman for helping him leave all substances behind.
  1. Gillian Jacobs. The actress revealed she has never had a drink.
  1. Samuel L. Jackson. In the early days he struggled with substances but says sobriety has brought his work to a new level.
  1. Tim McGraw. The country star has been open about his struggles with alcohol and his decision to let go of substances in 2008.
  1. Tobey Maguire. The star of “Spiderman” said goodbye to drinking in his late teens.
  1. Eric Clapton. The classic rocker struggled with alcoholism in the early years but got sober when his son was born in 1986.
  1. 50 Cent. The rapper says alcohol and drugs never agreed with him.
  1. Zendaya. The young actress says she’s too busy to get involved with drinking.
  1. George W. Bush. The 43rd United States President said he gave up drinking when it interfered with his energy.
  1. Alice Cooper. Alcohol is out forever for this famous rocker, who became a sober celebrity after many years of alcohol abuse.
  1. Kate Beckinsale. The English actress stays clear from alcohol because she doesn’t like the way it affects her.
  1. Warren Buffett. The billionaire mogul can afford plenty of alcohol but never touches a drop.



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Posted on August 31st, 2018
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