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Best Healthcare Resources After Addiction Treatment

There are different types of drug programs that can help addicts begin to learn to live without drugs. Whether you go through inpatient rehabilitation or intensive outpatient treatment, getting sober is only the beginning of a lifelong journey toward addiction recovery. Continuing on that journey and maintaining lasting sobriety will most likely require you to utilize healthcare resources after you complete addiction treatment.
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The best healthcare resources after you’ve gone through the initial phase of addiction treatment can usually be found through your doctor or an addiction professional. Most drug addiction treatment centers offer aftercare treatment programs where you can obtain assistance in finding any other specialized healthcare resources that you might need. Since addiction is a mental, physical and spiritual illness, you may need help in more than one area.

Mental Health Resources

Many people that have a problem with substance abuse also have co-occurring mental health challenges. Once you have gone through detoxification, you may need to be evaluated for mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. If you are diagnosed with one of these conditions, medication management can be handled by a psychiatrist or your family doctor. Some people find that it is only after they are sober for a while that they realize they may need the help of a mental health professional such as a behavioral counselor or a family therapist.

Physical Health Resources

If you have abused drugs for months or years, healing physically may take a while. Your body may need time to recover from years of abuse. Medical supervision may be needed for health problems that have developed as a direct result of substance use disorder. Your family doctor is your best resource for addressing health concerns.

Doing whatever you can to make healthy choices now that you are sober will also make a difference in your physical recovery and sobriety. Choosing healthy foods and becoming more physically active can also help you recover both physically and mentally.


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Posted on March 25th, 2017

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