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Best Medication Management Resources Post Treatment

Therapy and psychological support remain at the heart of any drug treatment program, but medications often have a role to play, too. Whether they’re intended to reduce withdrawal symptoms or manage other conditions that co-occur with substance abuse, many people in treatment find themselves taking an array of pills. Although you’ll probably take fewer pills post-treatment, many people recovering from addiction still have to cope with psychological issues, the risk of relapse and other problems like chronic pain using medication. Finding reliable advice on medication management is essential to make sure you do this safely.
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Help From Your Rehab Center During Aftercare

Aftercare is the bridge between being in treatment and being out in the world on your own again. These services help you avoid relapse, find work, secure somewhere to live, and do everything they can to make the transition out of treatment as smooth as possible. If you’re continuing to take medication, the aftercare service from your drug treatment program will help ensure you meet your medical needs while minimizing the risk of relapse. If your rehab center offers aftercare, use the services provided and request help with medication management; even if they can’t help directly, they will help you find someone who can.

Your Doctor and Pharmacist

There are many resources that provide advice for medication management after you complete a drug treatment program, but none can replace direct medical advice from a physician or advice on medications from a pharmacist. Your doctor and pharmacist understand your medical needs and the possible risks of interactions among medicines, side effects and addiction, and can provide individualized, evidence-based advice tailored to your needs.

Medication Management Programs Through Medicare

If you’re in a Medicare drug plan and you take multiple medications, you could be eligible for a free medication therapy management program. These involve your pharmacist and physician taking a detailed look at your medications and providing simple, actionable advice on how to get the most out of your medications. You can check your eligibility by contacting your drug plan directly.

Online Resources and Advice on Medication Management

Using your rehab provider’s services or getting direct advice from your physician and/or a dedicated medication management program is the best strategy after completing a drug treatment program, but there are also some useful online resources. These generally stress the importance of ensuring you keep an up-to-date list of medications, knowing about potential side effects and informing a healthcare provider of any side effects.

Why It’s Important to Use the Help Available to You

The simple truth is that if you have the option of getting professional advice regarding your medications or obtaining an evaluation from a dedicated medication management program, you should take it. This is especially true if you’re taking a lot of medications and feel overwhelmed by dosing schedules or anything else about your medication.


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Posted on March 4th, 2017

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