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Actor Corey Haim Dies of Possible Drug Overdose

The death of actor and former teen idol Corey Haim from a possible drug overdose is a sad reminder for everyone of the serious nature of the disease of addiction.  Millions of people suffer from addiction and chemical dependency.  Countless people die from the disease.  Left untreated addiction is progressive and deadly.  And while it has not been confirmed of an overdose was the cause of Haim’s death, his battle with drug abuse and addiction was well documented.Tragically for celebrities recovery can be made more difficult by the enabling culture of Hollywood.  Without intervention, treatment and continued post-treatment follow-up in treatment centers such as Promises Austin relapse is far too common for celebrities such as Corey Haim.  From an early age actors such as Haim are often exposed to drugs and glorified drug use.  Without the ability to remove themselves from the environmental triggers and enabling factors, even during treatment, the likelihood of relapse is very present.

However celebrities such as Haim, who died at 38 years of age and admitted to years of struggles with cocaine, crack and prescription drug abuse, are not that much different from other successful people battling alcoholism or drug abuse.  While the tabloid glamour and paparazzi may be missing, everyone suffering from the disease of addiction faces the same challenges in recovery and the need for customized treatment coupled with effective aftercare and support to minimize the chance of relapse.

Haim, who starred is such films as “Lucus” and “The Lost Boys” is a reminder that addiction is a lifelong disease and like any other disease, relapse can happen.  The key to overcoming setbacks is to have the resources and support necessary to regain sobriety and address the triggers and issues which caused the relapse.


Posted on March 10th, 2010
Posted in Drug Addiction

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