Drug and Alcohol Rehab Suggest Debt Management for Recovering Addicts

When in active addiction, the drug addicts’ or alcoholics’ finances typically get ripped apart by neglect or depraved indifference toward spending for support of their destructive habit. When the moment of clarity arrives and the drug addict or alcoholic decided to get professional help and get their life back... we suggest they take stock of their finances and consider enrolling in a debt management class once they successfully complete treatment at Journey Healing Center’s drug and alcohol rehab.

A debt management class can help to shed light the financial wreckage inflicted by the recovering addict while he or she was in active addiction and help them gain insight on how they can restore their credit and get back on firm financial footing. Through financial restoration, the addict in recovery is less likely to experience the stress that comes with financial insecurity and more likely to stay on the road to his or her recovery. As financial insecurity wanes… the self-esteem and confidence of the addict or alcoholic in recovery increase along with the chances of staying sober.

Through debt management, the recovering alcoholic or drug addict can learn how to live debt-free and gain the impetus to become an effective financial planner and secure a better financial future. For the addict in recovery – there is hope for a better financial future… as long as he or she works a strong recovery program and maintain their sobriety. Among some of the areas that a debt management class can help the recovering addict to become proficient in are:

  • Personal and Household Budgeting
  • Debt Elimination Strategies
  • Developing Effective Spending Habits
  • Using Credit Wisely

At the Sundance Center, we are aware that when our guests come to us for help they come with wreckage that extends beyond their obvious challenges with drugs or alcohol. Many parts of their life get broken… and through our individual and group therapy sessions, we are able to direct them appropriately in these areas and help them to continue along the recovery road to a happier destiny.

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Posted on November 11th, 2013
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