Loud Music Linked to Heavier Drinking

New research claims that loud music affects how much you may drink and makes it difficult to judge your consumption level. University of Plymouth psychologist, Dr. Lorenzo Stafford, conducted this experimental research to study the effects of alcohol and music. Her research showed that there is a tendency to consume more alcohol when we are in noisy places. Although the study was on a small scale, it did have big implications for people who drink.

A recent news article referred to a study group of 80 participants and explained there are four different types of distractions that can affect alcohol consumption levels. The study examined these distractions and how drinking was influenced by each.

Stafford found that while our main sense of taste is rather immune to extremely distracting environments, it is definitely influenced by music itself. They also found that the sweetness sensitivity of alcohol was much higher when in an environment with loud music as compared to other factors of distraction.

Stafford found these findings to be valuable and highlighted the fact that multi-sensory perception is a growing area of research. Some individuals might expect they would intake more alcohol in bar and club environments but it is important for them to understand why and how the environment can cause them to over-indulge and act in response.

The research was funded by Alcohol Research in the United Kingdom. Alcohol Research is a charity that is aimed at increasing awareness to the harmful consequences of alcohol consumption.

Posted on January 3rd, 2012
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