Open Medicine Cabinets at Open Houses Are Tempting Targets

Spring and summer are busy times in the housing market. However, having lots of foot traffic during an open house could mean lots of drug traffic on the street.

San Diego real estate agents have been reporting that individuals have used house showings there as opportunities to raid bathroom medicine cabinets for prescription drugs. Law enforcement agents are backing up the story.

During a house showing, a real estate agent is often the only person “on duty” while lots of strangers are allowed to come in and wander through rooms at a leisurely pace. If a couple shows up and one of them engages the agent in earnest conversation, the other person is then free to roam from room to room looking for stashes of prescription medication.

California realtors have been reporting the unexplained disappearance of prescription medications like Xanax (anti-anxiety), Adderall (attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder medication), Vicodin (painkillers) and even sleep aids like Ambien following an open house.

Specialized agents within the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have been formed into tactical diversion squads and tasked with investigating prescription drug crime. These squads track drugs, analyze data and interface with local law enforcement to discover where illegal prescription drugs come from and where they go.

The squads have been able to link drugs stolen during open houses to those later discovered on the black market. Evidently, the open house medicine cabinet presents a tempting target for drug traffickers.

Posted on May 25th, 2013

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